PA #3: Let's go north!

By meteomorris on 17 December 2014 · 0

Hovden, Norway ((C) Rider: Vinnen, Photo: Guy.)
Hovden, Norway ((C) Rider: Vinnen, Photo: Guy.)

This is a very special forecast, because due to the lack of snow in the Alps and the expected crowds during the first Christmas week (20-27 December), I don't have any tips for the Alps, but the advice to go to Norway. The story on the situation in the Alps is probably know by every rider, and if not, you can check it out here. In short, it's practically impossible to find (good) snow in the Alps under the 2.200 meters altitude. For good snow you'll have to go head to the main alpine ridge and south of it and I guess it will be pretty busy there the next couple of weeks.

Sneeuw as a window dresser

It is white in the Alps right now, but the following report says it all. Nice for the view, but not enough to go freeriding. More painful to the eyes are the reports coming in and appearing in the report timeline from Norway.

No significant snowfall the next seven days

Although the snow maps show some nice colours, it is still too warm with a snow line that will be around 2000 meters tomorrow. The temperatures will drop in the weekend, with snowfall deeper into the valleys. This snow will mainly come down in the stau areas of the norther Alps (Switzerland and Austria). Good for the views, but it's not enough. Especially since then the Alps face a dry and warm period after that snowfall again. No, for powder you don't need to be in the Alps the 1st Christmas week. They big change might come during Christmas Day / Boxing Day. We'll keep you updated for sure.

Changes around Christmas?
Changes around Christmas?

PA#3: go to Norway!

The map below says it all. And if you check my PowderAlert for Norway, then you know exactly how and where to go. It is ON in Norway. Because of the lack of snow in the Alps, PA #3 is for Norway. Get you *ss over there!

Go North!
Go North!

This weekend I hope to have a better picture of the winter outbreak in the Alps. Let's see if the Christmas season will be the mark between a bad and a good winter in the Alps. I'll be riding some steep lines in the main alpine ridge the next couple of days.

Stay stoked



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