Review: Peak Performance Heli Pro

By dr.Gear on 22 December 2014 · 0

It was the beginning of February and Dr. Gear was visiting the ISPO in Münich, the trade show where every wintersports brand is showcasing their new products. Dr. Gear is always looking for truly innovative products on the ISPO and when a was at the booth of Peak Performance is eye was caught by the new apparel in which Henrik Windstedt and Dave Treadway are shredding this season: the Heli Pro line.

Dr. Gear has always been happy with the Heli line of Peak Performance. The jackets are pants are really technical and have a great shape that make you look good. And hey, this is the Heli PRO line, so the expectations rose the moment Dr. Gear got his hands on this new apparel. And Dr. Gear has tested the Heli Pro line from Peak Performance thoroughly. In cold and warm temperatures, on bluebird days and with heavy snowfall. In steep couloirs and in deep powder. And to make a long story short: the jacket and pants are amazing.

New fabric

Ok, let's talk about some technical specs first. The 'pièce de résistance' of the Heli Pro is the fact that the jacket and pants are made of a new fabric, the extreme durable 3-layer Vectran fabric (Peak developed Vectran, which is made of Liquid Crystal Polymer, with a Swedish company who are into industrial materials). Dr. Gear realizes it doesn’t say that much for many of us, but pound for pound Vectran® fiber is five times stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than aluminum. Say what? Yes. Five times stronger than steel. Dr. Gear tested it. And tested it. Used his razorsharp edges of his slalom skis and not even a scratch. Even after twenty days riding around in the Heli Pro line, not even a single scratch could be found. And please remember that Dr. Gear is not a tourist. No, he's charging.

Rotauf MRK5

The Rotauf MRK5 avalanche ball is integrated in the pants of the HelI Pro. To be honest, Dr. Gear has no idea what to think of that. Let's face the facts. Of course it's always better to prevent yourself from getting into an avalanche by applying the right knowledge, but if you're in a situation where you are caught by an avalanche, Dr. Gear is using his avalanche airbag. The fact that the avalanche ball is there obviously isn't a bad thing, but the chance that you can use the avalanche ball ánd your avalanche airbag is close to zero. You simply don't have the time.

Dr. Gears experiences

But then again, even without the avalanche ball, the Heli Pro is a great piece of clothing. When the weather gets tough, the jacket and pants are water- and windproof and the breathability is outstanding. You won't be surprised that there's nothing to complain about the technical functionalities of the Heli Pro. The colour is, well colorful orange and you need to have some skills to wear the Heli Pro. It's also important that you wear a good mid-layer underneath, cause you'll need it with cold temperatures.

For what kind of rider?

The question is: for what kind of rider is the Heli Pro an option? Well, especially for riders who require a lot from their gear and have some technical skills. It's clothing that you can wear for a season without using any duct-tape. And yes, Dr. Gear loves duct-tape, but it's even better that you don't have to fix something when it ain't broken. Quality has a price and this probably is the most expensive piece of equipment that Dr. Gear has ever tested.

Price Peak Performance Heli Pro Jacket: € 800,00

Price Peak Performance Heli Pro Pants: € 900,00


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