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By dr.Gear on 7 January 2015 · 0

After the recall of ABS earlier this winter Mammut now also reports a problem with his airbags. They've found a life-threatening problem in their airbags. This is at least the third recall already from Mammut (ABS is in the lead with four recalls)


The timing of recalls of Mammut and ABS is precarious now Black Diamond with his Jetforce and Arc'Teryx with a similar system are entering the market. Of course, ABS and Mammut already have quite a track record and it is good that both companies communicate openly about such problems and take active action, but do they actually have another option? Airbags are expensive devices you never hope to use in your life, but you have to use them, than they have to work. Let's hope that the number of service calls in the coming years will be reduced and that this is a sign of excellent quality.

Because a number of users and intensive self-tests at Mammut have revealed the following problem. The connection between the trigger unit and the so-called Venturi element can come loose when used intensively so that the system no longer works.


This problem occurs in airbag systems developed by Mammut with a manufacturing date of winter 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 and it also affects the following systems:

  • Removable Airbag System RAS

  • Protection Airbag System

  • Snowpulse Lifebag System

Besides Mammut Airbags, also other backpacks that a use a Mammut Airbagstystem will need this service call. This involves the following brands: Snow Pulse, Highmark by Snowpulse, Scott, Ferrino, Oakley and Jones Snowboarding.

You can attach the clip yourself
You can attach the clip yourself


In order to solve this problem Mammut came up with a solution that you can order free of charge. It is a clip which will make sure that the two parts stay connected. You can attach it yourself in your Mammut Airbag.

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