PA #8: Up to 200 cm of freshies

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The logo of PA #8 is pretty big this time. And that's for a reason. PowderAlert #8 is for the northern Alps and that was about time. After PA #4 and #5 they had to wait for a new dump. #6 and #7 were for the West and especially the south. It's time for the north and the (north)west again to get hammered.


PA # 7 was a nice one. There was 30-50 centimeters, locally 70 centimeters of freshies in parts of the west and south. You definitely had some powder when you followed my advice from Thursday. And if you don't mind a little hike there's still some powder to be found.

Storms Kurt and Leonhard
Storms Kurt and Leonhard

Step 1: snow for the north

Storms Kurt, Leonhard and later Mischa bring snow to the northern Alps. This is rarely in large dumps of 80 centimeters or more (as we know from the Southern Alps) but rather steady dumps of around 20-30 centimeters. This could easily add up to 50 centimeters in the northern Stau resorts in the northern Alps. It will continue snowing between Sunday and Thursday (even with the sun coming out once in a while). You can expect around 10-30 centimeters between Gstaad in the west and Styria in the east on Sunday. And just as will be the case later this week, it are mainly the lower northern Stau areas where it will snow continuously. You know them ... direction Engelberg, Unterwasser, Oberstdorf, Fierberbrunn, Loser and Tauplitz. And it will continue to be like this until Thursday. In Stau regions you'll get about 60-80 centimeters of freshies. In the rest of the northern Alps you can expect 25-50 centimeters, noting that the more south you go, the less snow will fall.

Where to go from Sundat till Thursday. It will be ON starting Wednesday morning.

Freshies the next four days
Freshies the next four days

Stap 2: Snow for the northwest, the Pyrenees and maybe the southern Alps

Storm Mischa is succeeded by storm Norbert. Or rather ... Norbert and Mischa join forces and the northwest of the Alps and the Pyrenees will be next. And who knows, maybe the Dolomites and the rest of the southern Alps east will get some snow as well. Please note that that last forecast is highly speculative. But then again... A lot of snow is on its way. Block the weekend of 30-31 January. More details the next couple of days.

More tomorrow,

Stay stoked



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