Avalanche fatalities in Verbier, Kitzbühel and Vercors

By Arjen on 29 January 2015 · 2

Lawine op de Nordkette
Lawine op de Nordkette

A 16-year-old girl was killed today in the ski resort of Les 4 Vallées. On the Col des Mines / Vallon d'Arbi she was seized by an avalanche. The avalanche danger today is 4 (HIGH) in the ski resort of Les 4 Vallées. More info here.

Deadly avalanche in Kitzbühel

An avalanche claimed one life yesterday in the ski resort of Kitzbühel. Just below the so-called Hornköpfl two skiers caused an avalanche. One of the persons was resuscitated, thereafter immediately airlifted to the hospital, but eventually deceased. The accident took place halfway through the descent. Where the tracks go to the left, the two individuals were caught in an avalanche and pushed into a stream bed.

Pure luck with an avalanche on the Nordkette

Three riders came into an avalanche on the Hafelekar. Hafelekar is part of the Nordkette, the ski area just above Innsbruck. Two people were caught and dragged down by the avalanche. The first victim was found quickly because his hand was visible above the snow. However, when locating the second victim, a second avalanche came down. Fortunately the search could start immediately thereafter and everyone came out alive. The avalanche had a length of one kilometer and was about 350 meters wide. It started on a south face that was around 40-45 degrees steep. More info.

Deadly avalanche in the Vercors

An avalanche took the life of a 17-year old in the French Vercors. A group of 15 young people was underway under the guidance of three adults when they triggered an avalanche. Three persons were thereby surprised by the snow masses. The 17-year old was only found after two hours with the aid of a dog. The group had no beacons, shovels and probes with them. More info.

Already 42 deaths caused by avalanches

With the accidents and three fatalities this week, the number of victims is already 42 and it's not even the end of January...

HIGH avalanche danger in parts of the Alps

The avalanche danger in parts of the Alps has already been scaled up to 4 and it is expected that the situation in the coming days will be even more critical.



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