PA #12: EPIC alert Piemonte!

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Did you watch the video above already? It was shot at Alagna last Sunday. It's ON in the Piemonte and the Swiss kanton of Ticino and it will be ON the next couple of days as well. Check out the epic shot below. This is not really far from the Lake Como. And when you scroll down you can spot the palm trees of the Italian lake district in white freshies.

Lots of freshies at Lake Como (via the [reports](
Lots of freshies at Lake Como (via the [reports](

Palmtrees in the snow
Palmtrees in the snow

Yes, it snowed intense and it snowed hard. There was heavy snowfall south of the Gotthard, the Monte Rosa and the Piz Bernina. Especially around the Simplon the amounts of snow that came down were unbelievable and with such a front the snow ultimately even reaches the east of Haut-Valais and Andermatt. The front came in from the southwest at first, but storm Quinn brought a southeastern component and the clouds were pretty much stuck against the main alpine ridge.

Freshies in Madesimo

Lots of snow in Alagna (via the reports)

Just as in Airolo

Too much snow in San Domenico?
Too much snow in San Domenico?

Lots of snow south of the Gotthard tunnel
Lots of snow south of the Gotthard tunnel

And all that snow came from the south, was pushed through the Italian Lake District to the north, got stuck and the only option for the depression was to drop all its snow. Something that could be seen at the weather stations.

The dump from the south

Lots of snow in Ticino

And lots of snow in Alagna

The sun finally came out in the French southern Alps. It wasn't for a long time... It was still snowing in Alagna and the French southern Alps can get ready for more freshies on Monday. It snowed intense in the French southern Alps on Sunday afternoon and it's a great region to ride some freshies.

Phase 2: Le Retour d'Est

Phase one of PA#12 was focussing just on the south, but that's not the case in phase two of this alert. Storm Quinn moved a little bit to the south and the western and southern Piemonte will be in the line of fire on Monday and Tuesday. They already had around 10-20 centimeters of freshies on Sunday morning, but the real mayhem starts on Sunday evening. This will result in epic riding in the threes of the Piemonte.

Eastern current = retour d'est
Eastern current = retour d'est

Everything is focussed on the Piemonte and it looks a bit like PowderAlert #10. You can expect around 80-150 centimeters of freshies between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon. Maybe even more in the eastern Stau regions of the Mont Viso. It's on in the southern Alps central, the French southern Alps and the southern Alps west.

It will continue to snow in the western and southern Piemonte till Tuesday afternoon. The sun already comes out in the northern Piemonte. The complete Alps will enjoy some sunshine from Wednesday. Powder Galore! As long as you head for the Piemonte.

Where to go?

On Monday and Tuesday you'll have to go to:

It's really easy to get to the Piemonte from the French Savoie and the Hautes Alps. The Col du Montgenevre or the Fréjus Tunnel will take you to the promised land. It won't take you too long to reach the Piemonte from Switzerland either (via the Gotthard tunnel), but it's not really necessary, because it's on in A**t as well.

Go for the tree runs that don't have steep faces above them. The avalanche danger has become critical again in parts of the Alps with all these freshies.

Long term? PowderAlert #13?

The sun will come out on Wednesday in the Alps and the especially the northern Alps will face tricky conditions. It was pretty warm over there (due to a warm Föhn wind) and the wind transported a lot of snow. You really have to search for powder in a snow cover that's not really stable. But there's hope.

Snow again for the northern Alps on Saturday and that includes the French northern Alps. If PowderAlert #13 will be for the northern Alps is not quite sure yet. GFS goes for the north, but ECMWF goes for the north at first, but shifts to the south pretty quick. Okay, no details yet, but there's perspective for everybody going to the Alps from the 21-28 of February.

More details on Tuesday. For now...Happy hunting in the Piemonte.

Stay stoked,



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