Team Europe wins Skiers Cup

By Arjen on 27 February 2015 · 2

This week, the fifth edition of the Swatch Skiers Cup took place in the Swiss town of Zermatt. The concept is simple. Team America against Team Europe. Both teams have nine skiers who will compete against each other in backcountry slopestyle and big mountain freeride. It's one on one, so it's simple: the team with the most points wins.

Three - two

Eventually Team Europe took the victory. And with that it's now 3-2 for Europe. Anyway, you want to see some video. Check out the daily journals below. Awesome Friday afternoon footages!

Day 1

Day 2 - Backcountry Slopestyle inspection

Day 3 - Team Europe

Day 4 - Team Americas

Day 5 - Backcountry Slopestyle

Day 6 - Big Mountain


  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 28 February 2015 · 05:53
    Can Kaj still ski now that he cut his dreads? Can MikeD confirm?
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 3 March 2015 · 19:16
    @Chester_Tartsnatcher It's like the story from the bible. Simson cutting his hair and losing his power. I hope it won't be 'Kaj cutting his dreads and losing his powder!'
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...


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