PA #17: watch status!

By meteomorris on 9 March 2015 · 1

\#16 in Andermatt
\#16 in Andermatt

PA #16 brought snow and especially wind to the northern Alps. Meanwhile, the weekend is over, all the tangible snow in sight of the lifts has been tracked and spring has arrived. Tomorrow the temperature will go up to 15 degrees in the valleys and winter seems far away.

Seems, because there is a new alert coming. Last week I was already reporting a hole in the high-pressure dominance. Today, the hole grew a little bit bigger, so I can already announce PowderWatch #17. The less frequent reader will say: A Powder Watch? Yes, to serve you even better I chopped my coverage of significant snowfall into pieces. And now works like this:

  1. PowderWatch (there's snow coming)

  2. PowderAlert (we know in which regions the snow will fall )

  3. Where to go (finetuning: last-minute tips)

  4. Aftermath (enjoy, share and reflect)

Aftermath PA #16

30-70 cm of freshies and lots of wind. But the photos speak for themselves. The following reports were received during PA #16.

Les 4 Vallees
Les 4 Vallees



St. Anton am Arlberg
St. Anton am Arlberg

Les Marécottes
Les Marécottes

And the reports above are just a selection. There were more reports coming in. And the message in the reports was clear. It was warmer, but with some good searching there was still powder to be found. You'll have to skin, boot pack, or snowshoe deeper into the backcountry. But there is still powder to be found. Thank you very much for the frequency and quality with which you share the reports. They give a way better impression than the webcams that are sometimes placed in strategic places. So please continue sharing!

The week starts sunny

Like last Saturday and Sunday, a high pressure area dominates the atmospheric layers above the Alps and this results in sunny and mild days and clear and cold nights. Only from Wednesday this will change a bit. A new high pressure area expands in the direction of Scandinavia and on the eastern flanks of this high pressure area, a north to northeast wind is pushing colder air towards Austria. Because this cold air hits the Alps, you can expect some snowfall in Austria on Wednesday. In Switzerland and western Austria that will only be a few flakes, but further east the quantities appear to be significant.

PowderWatch I: the east

It's quite hard to predict the right amounts of snow with such a big high pressure area around and also the exact location where it is going to be ON is still subject to change. If the high pressure area shifts 100 kilometers to the west or the east, the consequences will be huge. But there is still a PowderWatch for:

If everything falls into place, you can expect 25-40 cm in the most precipitous areas between Wednesday and Friday. But that is far from certain. The wind remains a question mark and is pretty strong in the latest forecasts. I hope to tell you more tomorrow.

Powderwatch II: ........?

Between Thursday and Friday a new gap is created in the high-pressure dominance. Between a high pressure area over Scandinavia and a high pressure area above the Azores, some unstable air manages to squeeze itself towards the south. Whichever scenario will follow is still a big gamble. The models shoot in all directions. Something with low pressure areas south of the Alps, possibly a Genoa low, wind from the east in the Po Valley and perhaps even a Adria low. Snow will fall in the south of the Alps from Saturday. How, what and where will become more clear the next few days.

A new update tomorrow!

Stay stoked




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