Norway is drowning in snow

By meteomorris on 4 June 2015 · 0

May was pretty extraordinary with lots of snowfall in the Alps and Scandinavia. We saw pictures with snow deep into the valleys on a regular basis. The images shot in Norway this week however... Wow... They make me forget about summer. Winter is back!

Deep snowed in lift in [Fonna](
Deep snowed in lift in [Fonna](

The glaciers had to be open for summer skiing already, but with that much snow they even have to locate their t-bars. In Fonna they started with digging and searching for the lifts that are covered in three to four meters of snow. The ski area of Stryn is closed today as well, because of snowfall, bad visibility and blocked roads.

Digging out the lift (source: [Fonna](
Digging out the lift (source: [Fonna](

The road to Fonna with some fluffy white stuff next to it (source: Fonna)

Stryn Sommer Ski Center could not be reached today
Stryn Sommer Ski Center could not be reached today

Even more snow?

On Friday and Saturday there is nice weather in the forecast, but it will starting to snow again on Sunday with dropping temperatures. This is what we call an endless winter!


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