Freezing level drops 1700 meters!

By meteomorris on 31 August 2015 · 1

Snow is coming
Snow is coming

Wow, now that's a headline above an article. Good for the clicks I would normally say, but for me it is now primarily the stoke and enthusiasm. It's not that winter will hit the Alps full throttle, but a new winter will start tomorrow on wePowder. It will be a day of refreshing and hopefully you can experience the next version of wePowder later that day. It's always nice that the weather gods participate to show you all the new stuff. Because there is actually snow on its way.

Freezing level will drop

It was still summer today in the Alps. The freezing level was around 4200-4500 meters and winter was still far away. The glacier in Hintertux looks really bad (just like every other glacier in the Alps), but there is cold air coming in.

Hintertux today
Hintertux today

An active low pressure area named James is coming in from the North Sea, starting a northern current. This is pretty good news for everybody who is counting down for a winter to start and it will definitely make the glaciers look more like we love to see them: white.

The low pressure area Jonas
The low pressure area Jonas

Between Jonas and the huge high pressure area west of Ireland, a northern current is started, bringing cold air from the north towards the Alps.

Freezing level will drop

That cold northern air is visible on the so-called ensembles for the Alps. You can check out the air temperature that's expected at 1400 meters altitude the next couple of days. It's almost 25 degrees today, but it will drop to 5-10 degrees during the weekend. And when I have a look at our weather model, I see the freezing level drop from 4300 meters to 2600 meters on Saturday (and maybe even temporarily to 2200 meters).

Dropping temperature
Dropping temperature

Snow above 3000 meters, later around 2500 meters altitude

You'll have to search for white webcams at first, because the cold air has some trouble to reach the northern side of the Alps. The jetstream is really firing up on Friday and the snowline will drop to an altitude where most of the webcams are placed.

More tomorrow, but please give us some time to work on the site.

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  • kanski
    kanski op 3 September 2015 · 14:52
    Freaking cold overhere in Southern Germany! Couple a days ago was still 23°C and know feels like... brrrr!
    Never ski faster than your guardian Angel can fly!


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