35-70 cm of freshies! The first powder turns?

By meteomorris on 24 September 2015 · 5

Even though it's still snowing in the main alpine ridge in Austria at the moment, it can't hurt to look back. Especially if want to go out tomorrow, which could be quite good. They're working hard in the glacier resorts to get everything ready for the weekend, but if you can be there on Friday you'll probably enjoy great snow without the crowds.

Remember that this is the first dump of the season. The warm summer had its effect on the glaciers and crevasses came out pretty much everywhere. If there was anything left that you could call a glacier... Anyway, you should stay on the slopes this dump. It's still September. Let nature do its job the next couple of weeks and the moment that we can ride out of bounds will come naturally.

In this blog:

  • Looking back: 35-70 cm of freshies

  • Short term

  • Where to go?

  • Snow from the East?

35-70 cm of **freshies

​**In the live blog from yesterday there were already 35-54 centimeters of freshies reported for the main Alpine ridge between Italy and Austria. Especially the Hohe Tauern got a lot of snow and the Hohe Sonnblick got over 70 centimeters of snow. It's still snowing there at the moment, so there's more coming up. An overview of the snow that fell over the past 36 hours, let's have a look at the maps.

Sneeuwval afgelopen 6 dagen

The top 10 of resorts with the most snowfall can mainly be found in the main alpine ridge, between Italy and Austria. But we're missing a couple of resorts and why are Andermatt, Flims and Laax part of the top 10 below?

Top 10 snowfall last 6 days

Missing ski **resorts

​**The resorts in Italy are missing, but it snowed over there as well yesterday. Fortunately they can be found lower on the list. The amounts of snow that came down in those areas are correct. But where can you find Val Senales and the Passo Stelvio? Well, that's quite simple. We don't consider Val Senales a freeride area (please, convince us if you think it is) and the ski resort of Passo Stelvio is not included because it's closed during winter.

Large quantities of snow on the Stelvio yesterday afternoon

Too much snow for Andermatt?

Another interesting ski resort that made the list is Andermatt. They should have had 46 centimeters of snow in the last six days. But it's impossible that that total amount of snow came down yesterday. I had a look at the resort page of Andermatt and that showed us that most of the snow came down before the weekend at high altitude.

Snowfall in Andermatt last week

Our maps are working just fine, but the long period of six days isn't working that well for real fine tuners. It always a good idea to have a look at measuring stations. For those who can't be bothered, don't worry, the result of the measuring stations are included in my analysis and recommendations. For the short term: there is snow and the weather will be a bit better the next couple of days.

Short term

It's still snowing lightly in the main alpine ridge at the time of writing and with a wind coming in from the southeast the last precipitation will hit the high alpine. That wind from the southeast will move the snow around quite a bit. The sun will come out the next couple of days, although there will still be some clouds as well. But they'll probably disappear the next couple of days as well (they will stick around in the valleys though). The sun will start shining on the glaciers and it will be a great weekend for the first turns of the season on the slopes.

Where to go?

The lifts are running in the areas below on Friday morning and they will run during the weekend as well. I would pick Hintertux of Stubai (because of the wind coming in from the southeast). Check for more detailled information, tips and tricks and perhaps some accommodation the resort pages.

Hintertux yesterday afternoon ((C) Hintertux)

Long term: snow from the east?

An extensive high pressure area settles over Europe and with a current coming from the northeast to east cold air and snow is coming in. The Piedmont, the French resorts on the border with Italy, parts of the Dolomites and the east of Austria have the best cards. A comprehensive analysis will follow later.

Stay stoked



  • thomasweller
    thomasweller op 25 September 2015 · 03:23
    Could MeteoMorris & WePowder be the Alps FIRST TRUE & ACCURATE snowfall reporter?

    Cutting through false accumalation claims by resort marketing managers to give us true measurements?

    If so, I've died and arrived at skiers nirvana where whats fallen and reported by MM can be taken for it's word, a task thus far never accomplished in Europe, dare I say the world. Cross referencing is key and allow me to commend, no...allow me to get down on my knees and weep with joy that there is someone who cares and delivers A TRUE SNOWFALL REPORT.

    Well done folks, you will have a flock of many devoted followers in short time!!!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 25 September 2015 · 11:16
    @thomasweller, a big Thank You for your comment. Besides powder and sharing it, comments like these keep us motivated.

    May the powder be with you this winter!
    May the powder be with you.
  • thomasweller
    thomasweller op 26 September 2015 · 18:55
    Super excited for 2016! Bringing all my old ski-buddies over from Canada to Serre Chevalier for a three week ski holiday, it´s been 20 years since we all last skied together and hopefully will be the beginning of more to come. Never been to Serre Che and super excited to discover there and La Grave. If you have any tips or are in the area let us know, we´ll ski some runs and share a brewski at day´s end!!

    You probably already know this site but in case not... I thought it a coincidence since you were talking about the NAO recently...
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 27 September 2015 · 09:58 One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • thomasweller
    thomasweller op 2 October 2015 · 07:24
    Ha, ha! Been checking out your maps/routes for months now, super, super help they are, many thanks. Now we just have mix with locals and hope to make some new friends to show us around!
    Cheers, thanks for that!!


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