Early season dump..good or not?

  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 24 September 2015 · 18:44
    It is the time of the year when the social media portals are getting flodded with snow pictures. Yes its mid september and only about 6 or 8 weeks until the winter season starts. The first snow has fallen yesterday and the mountain tops are covered with our beloved white gold. Really nice to see but is that a good sign and is it good for the whole snowpack construction?

    Let there be powder.
  • Dutchess
    Dutchess op 24 September 2015 · 19:51
    It is great for the stoke, of course, but good for snowpack construction? That completely depends on what happens to the snowpack afterwards..

    I am praying hard that there will not be a long, dry time with very cold temperatures causing the much 'feared beaker crystals' like two (was it two?) seasons ago.
    We dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing
  • Willem2k
    Willem2k op 24 September 2015 · 21:48
    Ik ging er eigenlijk van uit dat wat nu gevallen is gewoon weer weg dooit voor het écht winter wordt... Behalve op de hoogste toppen misschien.
    Snowboarding without friends is not snowboarding.
  • EmileHendrix
    EmileHendrix op 24 September 2015 · 22:12
    Cool everything down (but not to much...) ... and start all over again some time later...
    Sounds familiar 😃 (... every september/october)
    And pleasant 😀
    (mental note to self, repeat in 2016)

    That does indeed return memories of 2 years ago. Luckily, ingenuity can always save the day 😀
    Een kleine fantasie kan groter zijn dan de wereld.
  • ieism
    ieism op 24 September 2015 · 22:34
    Hey Chris,

    I'm just glad it's snowing again, we'll worry about avalanches later. This is not a huge amount of snow and it's supposed to get warmer next week right?

    You're worried about a steep temperature gradient in the snowpack like in early 2014? Let's hope most of this melts and just cools the ground a bit, and then we get a real nice solid base for this season.

  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 25 September 2015 · 12:28
    Hi friends..I does indeed awakens memories...but I think its still to early to judge...and no matter what happens we will make the best out of it anyways?
    Let there be powder.


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