This weekend: one lethal accident and multiple wounded

By Sandra on 19 October 2015 · 1

The first snow is there. Just like the first stoke. We're basicly nothing more than a bunch of grown-up kids. Rules are good, but obeying them is a different story. We warn people about the dangers, but in the end, it's really hard to not ride that untracked powder field. But sometimes you shouldn't. It's good to say no.

You'll almost forget that it's only the middle of October. Most ski areas are still closed and you should head out to the glaciers for some lift-assisted skiing. And glaciers mean crevasses. Last Saturday, two people fell into a crevasse on the Stubaier Glacier. Fortunately for them, they were only wounded and they could be saved.

Think three times before crossing this sign
Think three times before crossing this sign

Remember, it's mid-October and winter is still long! The summer was pretty warm and most glaciers aren't more than a maze of crevasses covered with a thin layer of snow. Please: listen to the advices from mountain staff and local authorities. Your time will come!

Sharks and avalanches

The sharks are waiting just below the snow cover and easily wreck your gear (or even worse: yourself). A fraction (or worse) could mean your season is over before it even started. And keep in mind that avalanches also come down in October. There were seven victims in teh Ecrins in September and last weekend a climber was caught by an avalanche. Winter didn't even start and there are already eight avalanche victims in the Alps.

In short: take care, don't ride full throttle and stay on the slopes on the glaciers.


  • Jamie
    Jamie op 20 October 2015 · 17:06
    Please don't use words like stoke, that bro brah lingo should be left in California where those idiots belong.


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