No snowfall in the Alps for two weeks?

By meteomorris on 1 November 2015 · 0

Snowtober was a great month. The Alps had lots of snowfall and we even launched the first PowderAlert of the season. But the first weeks of November will be different. It seems that it won't snow for two weeks. Will it be dry in November?


The main alpine ridge has turned white above 2200-2500 meters and we received awesome powder reports. The snow cover at an altitude of around 2500-2700 meters is 10-40 centimeters thick, which is not a bad score for late October. The conditions on the slopes in the resorts in the main alpine ridge are pretty good, and you can even make a tour if you have the right knowledge. You'll obviously have to avoid the glaciers, because of the open crevasses. Do not ride full throttle, because there are still a lot of sharks waiting to knock you down.

Dry weather or Neve-mber?

Neve-mber is pretty well known in Italy. It's a month where they usually get a lot of snow. Something that I'll prove with some relevant data next week. But I'm not particularly happy with the snowmaps for the coming weeks. Next week (or even two weeks) is showing the same dry spells as the maps showed before the weekend. Too warm (but cold and clear nights), sunny and high pressure areeas. Although there are some freshies coming down at high altitude in the southern French Alps in the beginning of the week, but it won't be that much. We'll have to wait for the second week of November to see some snowfall on the maps. But for now, it's not that the mother of all dumps is appearing on the maps.

Time for a snow dance
Time for a snow dance

The next update tomorrow. A snow dance in the sun might help.

Stay stoked!


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