End of the Prohibition in sight?

By meteomorris on 6 November 2015 · 0

An anticyclone named Ulrike is dominating the Alps. The supply of the white powder has stopped and I envy the other parts of the world where the snow does fall. Am I addicted? Yes, I am. After a journey of many hours that first powder turn makes me forget everything. The euphoria is so strong that after one single turn I could drive home again. The feeling is that perfect. But it is also a frenetic feeling that comes around the corner in September. The hunt for the neurotransmitters adrenlin, serotonin and dopamine that are released during and after such a powder turn. The feeling of snow that explodes in your face. The light snow cover in which I put first tracks. Well, you know what I'm talking about!

Ulrike keeps storm depressions at distance
Ulrike keeps storm depressions at distance

Prohibition by Ulrike is nothing less than an affable try to put my addiction to a halt. She should know better. Between 1920 and 1933 there has been an attempt to clear the US from alcohol. The result was illegality, criminality and a thriving mafia. And that only because of alcohol. Imagine what happens when Ulrike stands firm and keeps the powder away. A boat or a plain to Japan or North America is booked easily and I would invest directly in the Italians. They are the kings of the artificial snow and combined with their sense of beauty and aesthetics I expect big powder miracles from them. But I prefer real powder in the Alps. Or Ulrike will think twice and makes sure that we see some centimeters on this map again.


Well, let's focus on when it will snow again in the Alps. Somewhere around next week, starting the 3rd week of November, there should be a breakthrough. Meanwhile, I keep an eye on Scandinavia, where it really still needs to be a bit colder if they want to claim the second PowderAlert, and North America (where the winter has started). Especially what is going on in North America puts us Europeans on the waiting list. Let's see which resorts will open early in North America the next couple of weeks.

Great colours on the map in Canada
Great colours on the map in Canada

Next update on Sunday!
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