Introducing: More detailed snow data!

By meteomorris on 18 November 2015 · 4

We're introducing more detailed information about the snowfall in your favorite resort this season. You can check out the snowfall not only on the top or in the valley, but also at various different locations in the ski area. You now can get a great impression where you can expect the most snow!

Chamonix - as detailed as ever

Let's have a look at Chamonix. Our forecast page shows you how much snow will come down in Chamonix the next six days. That amount of snow is for the highest peaks. But what about other peaks in the ski area and the villages?

Go to the destination page of Chamonix or any other resort in the Alps and you see the detailed six-day forecast. You can see multiple points in the ski area with detailed information about precipitation (rain or snow) and the temperature. It doesn't get more detailed than this!

Snowfall Chamonix
Snowfall Chamonix

You can combine all this data to prepare yourself for a day in the mountains. You can see for example that 30-45 centimeters is expected at 2000 meter altitude. That's great for a tour on an alpine meadow. But as you can see in the data, there's also a warning for strong wind and this results in wind-eroded snow. Information that can help you to prepare yourself. Go ahead and click around!


  • Vuccu
    Vuccu op 18 November 2015 · 17:39
    Good job guys! I only found a bug on trevalli's page, it doesn't download data. (Tested on mac with Safari and Chrome.)
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 18 November 2015 · 17:52
    @Vuccu Thanks. We will have a look at Trevalli!
    May the powder be with you.
  • Soulrider
    Soulrider op 18 November 2015 · 18:19
    What an awesome feature!!! Great job guys!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 19 November 2015 · 09:49
    @Vuccu the problem should be fixed now. In case you'll find other bugs please let us know!
    May the powder be with you.


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