Will winter come back on the 12th of December?

By meteomorris on 4 December 2015 · 5

It is mild, very mild in the Alps. King Winter has already found its way to North America and western Norway. Even in Japan the winter started today. But there's no snowfall in the Alps... If you have enough money and time than I would recommend you to book a last-minute ticket to Canada or Norway. Winter is really starting there with lots of powder. And the Alps? The cards were giving us hope for the the 12th of December last Wednesday. Have things changed? In this forecast:

  • Some snowfall for the high alpine
  • Will the 12th of December be the day?
  • Winter will be here to stay after that

Some snowfall for the high alpine this weekend

It will snow a little bit in the high alpine this weekend, but only at high altitude. Expect around 2-10 centimeters of freshies. It will give resorts like Val Thorens, Tignes and Verbier a white dusting of snow, but you can leave your snorkel at home. I wouldn't drive to the Alps this weekend, but if you're living there....well a bad day in the mountains is better than a good day at work.

Some snow at high altitude
Some snow at high altitude

Will the 12th of December be the day?

It's still speculation. The Alps still have to deal with the high pressure area (except for the flakes that will come down on the 5th). Just like in November we just have to wait when the storm depressions will brake through this high pressure barrier. The American models speculate that this will happen around the 10th, but expect the storms to really hit the Alps from the 14th. The European models expect the comeback of winter around the 12th. It's all speculative. Winter will come back somewhere in the middle of December.

Powder in Norway
Powder in Norway

Winter will stick around

The good news is that it looks like that there's a big storm coming in right before Christmas. Talking about speculation on this one. But anyway, that's some relief for everybody who pre-booked their holidays during Christmas. PowderAlert #4 will come in December. We just have to be patient. The waiting game had begun.

Stay stoked


  • BErgfex
    BErgfex op 4 December 2015 · 11:40
    Hello Morris,

    the GFS maps suggest that (if really coming!) it will be a North to South ridge again. So you think there is still a chance for some snow in the south-west region?
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 4 December 2015 · 11:49
    @BErgfex, the latest GFS run does suggest that fronts will come in from the southwest initially.
    This is a scenario which has been popping a few times already. Although it is still highly speculative. So yes, there are chances on snow for the south west. And yes, if this might be the scenario this will bring in some good amounts of powder.
    May the powder be with you.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 4 December 2015 · 13:54
    This is looking good:

    And the long term is even looking better
    May the powder be with you.
  • AngorLavor
    AngorLavor op 4 December 2015 · 15:11
    hello Morris
    what a server with maps
  • AxelK
    AxelK op 4 December 2015 · 15:19
    Record Snowfalls in Iceland. @meteomorris: Is that the low that will eventually come here ?



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