Bluetribe Scratch Blue and Flex White helmets

By dr.Gear on 4 December 2015 · 0

Dr. Gear will give his opinion about gear this season on wePowder. Dr. Gear has been around for a long time. He was skiing powder before it was called freeriding. On skis the size of toothpicks. Without heated chairlifts and airbags. Just like all of you, Dr. Gear has been training hard again this summer to get ready for winter, so he's ready for testing some gear. Winter hasn't really started yet, but Dr. Gear already had some great powder days. And he tested two helmets from a new brand called Bluetribe. Dr. Gear tested the Scratch Blue and the Flex White helmet.

Scratch Blue

The Scratch Blue is the lightest helmet of the two. Dr. Gear has been wearing the Scratch Blue during some fine powder runs. You know that Dr. Gear only allows himself to fall when it contributes to his progress and as Dr. Gear is nearly at the end of the curve... well, he just doesn't crash that much anymore. No crashes this time. The helmet is light weight. That light that you wonder at some point if you still have something on your head. That is also because of the super comfortable lining. Keep in mind that this liner may be a bit too warm when the temperatures rise. There are plenty of ventiltaion channels in the helmet to help to keep your head cool.

Dr. Gear has tested the helmet with different goggles. It won't be a surprise to hear that the goggles from Bluetribe fit perfectlty, but the goggles from Adidas, Oakley, Salomon and Giro fit as well. The head of Dr. Gear also fits in perfectly. Comfy and easy to adjust with the Dial Fit System.

  • Who: beginning and advanced skiers and boarders
  • Price: € 89,95

Flex White

The Flex White is the other helmet from Bluetribe which Dr. Gear has taken up the mountain. This helmet has a different fit, without the comfortable inner lining from the Scratch Blue. Not that this helmet is uncomfortable. Quite honestly this is perhaps even more pleasant, it is certainly less hot. Perhaps this is partly because the Flex White has 14 ventilation channels instead of six. The main difference between these two helmets is that the outer shell is made of ABS. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is a hard plastic shell.

The goggles fit well on this helmet as well and personally Dr. Gear had a better feeling with the Flex White than the Scratch Blue. That, however, has everything to do with the fit in combination with the head of Dr. Gear. Ultimately, the best helmet for you just have to fit.

  • Who: advanced skiers and boarders
  • Price: € 99,95


These two Bluetribe helmets are good products. No, it's not innovative nor technological progression, but they are good helmets for a good price. If they are of a lesser or better quality than helmets of brands like Giro, Uvex and POC? That's hard to test, but what Dr. Gear felt....well, that felt good!


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