Bluetribe Ultra White and Biggy Blue goggles

By dr.Gear on 7 December 2015 · 0

Dr. Gear will give his opinion about gear this season on wePowder. Dr. Gear has been around for a long time. He was skiing powder before it was called freeriding. On skis the size of toothpicks. Without heated chairlifts and airbags. Just like all of you, Dr. Gear has been training hard again this summer to get ready for winter, so he's ready for testing some gear. Winter hasn't really started yet, but Dr. Gear already had some great powder days. And he tested two helmets from a new brand called Bluetribe. Dr. Gear tested the Ultra White and Biggy Blue goggles.

Bluetribe Ultra White

This one is actually the most interesting of the two goggles. You'll find eight magnets in the frame that make it very easy to change a lens. Dr. Gear that this isn't an innovation (Anon already had a magnetic goggle years ago), but those magnets make it pretty easy to swop lenses. Obviously, you must ensure that there is no snow on the frame when you change the lens, but that's not a problem as there is already a lens on the frame before you change them. Sounds logical, right?

The visibility through the lens is fine. You'll get a category 3 lens (mirror) and a category 1 lens (the orange lens for bad weather) with the Ultra White. You have a broad vision through the lens, a bit similar to the view that the get with the goggles of Salomon. Dr. Gear tested the goggles in both snow and sun, and he never really noticed the goggle. That is very positive, because when a goggle will gets noticed, that's not that good. Fogging of the lens, movement of the goggle, times when you have less visibility. Dr. Gear didn't notice anything.

Price: € 149,95 (including two lenses)

Bluetribe Biggy Blue/Red

The Biggy Blue/Red goggle is the cheaper goggle in the product line of [Blue Tribe] ( No magnets, no fuss and no additional lenses, but simply a straightforward goggle. Frankly, it is difficult to compare the Biggy with the Ultra White. It feels a bit like comparing apples and oranges. The Biggy Blue is a great goggle, but imagine if you request, like Dr. Gear, very high demands on material then the Biggy Blue is simply not enough. That has to do with the vision and the fact that you can not easily change the lens.

If you think that is not that important, than you have a good goggle for just € 89.95 that provides protection and good visibility. The Biggy comes with a category 3 lens for sunny days, no fogging and fits well.

Price: € 89,95


The Ultra White is a more than just a fine goggle. For € 149.95 you get two high quality lenses and a great goggle. The Ultra White is perfect for every rider. If you don't demand that much of your gear, then you should try the Biggy Blue Red (€ 89.95).


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