Review: Black Diamond Mission Pro Pants

By dr.Gear on 13 January 2016 · 0

Dr. Gear had a close look at the Mission Pro Shell from Black Diamond and it's quite logical to have a look at the matching pants as well. Normally it is quite difficult for a pair of pants to be truly distinctive. Ultimately, functionality (according to Dr. Gear) is the most important. In one way or another, the jacket is more important for pretty much every rider. Is it that important that we look good?

Technical features

It's clear that the Mission Pro Pants is just as technical as the Mission Pro Shell. It's also made of the awesome Gore-Tex Pro fabric. It doesn't get any better than that. This is simply a pair of pants which makes every rider happy. Wind- and waterproof, breathable, basically everything you would expect from such pants. The ventilation zippers are there as well. So far this pants doesn't really differ from many other pants in the top segment. But it definitely will with these two features:

Boot-access zippers

Convenient. Very useful. That's simply what Dr. Gear thinks about this feature. Like every rider Dr. Gear wears his pants over the top buckles. However, even Dr. Gear occasionally likes to adjust the buckles throughout the day. Normally, you pull your pants up to get to these buckles, but that is no longer needed. Thanks to the boot-access zippers you can easily reach the buckles. How convenient is that!

Pieps Pocket

Pants normally have some pockets that you never really use. The Mission Pro Pants comes with a handy pocket designed for your avalanche transceiver. Or more specifically the avalanche transceivers from Pieps. The harness that you normally wear on your chest is completely built in. This has a number of advantages. You do not have to take off a layer to get to your avalanche transceiver when to start a search. And in doing so are directly lower to the ground and that makes the fine search a little easier.

Which riders?

Simple. These pants come with a price and with specifications that keeps even the most experienced rider happy. Just like the jacket: these are not the pants that you wear on the bunny hill.

Details, details


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