Review: The Douchebag Ski Bag

By dr.Gear on 14 January 2016 · 1

The ski bag. Dr. Gear likes to talk about skibags. Back in the old days you received a ski bag with the name of the shop on it when you bought your skis. Nowadays, it's a serious part of your gear. It determines who you are. Well, maybe that's a bit farfetched, but it sure creates expectations. Dr. Gear thinks that a lot of the riders who could spent 200 euros for a ski bag probably would be better off if they spent it on a technique training. But hey, you have to transport your gear from A to B and you better do that in the easiest way possible. Introducing the Douchebag.


The Douchebag is no longer a new, innovative product, since it's on the market for a while, but it is definitely a bag people still talk about. Dr. Gear even dares to say that this bag, co-developed by ski god Jon Olsson, is the most hyped skibag ever. But how good is this bag really?

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'

The Douchebag has several advantages compared to "normal" ski bags. One of the biggest advantages is that you can roll up the bag into a small package. It's easy to stowe away and you can easily carry skis of different lengths. You can transport you big guns just as easy as you 165 slalom ski (in case you want to bring that ski anyway). In the latter case you make the Douchebag a bit smaller, so you're not having so much free space.

The Douchebag is very light (around 1.5 kilo) and if you have the motto 'travel light, travel fast' (like Dr. Gear), this is quite an advantage. Your gear is also protected, thanks to all the padding.

One disappointment

Is Dr. Gear only positive about the Douchebag? No, not really. Dr. Gear thinks that the Douchebag has one drawback. Because you can roll up the bag it misses a hard back (which is quite logical). Maybe you're thinking "who cares?" Well, this causes the bag to drop a little bit and that's not really comfortable. The supplied grip (the one you can adjust) is soft and flexible as well and the pressure is not distributed that well.


The Douchebag is a great bag to carry your skis around. And yes, it's definitely better than a "normal" ski bag. And it also looks good. The Douchebag is not the cheapest bag on the market. For only € 219.50 you own the trendiest skibag around. And you better make sure your skills are just as good as the bag!


  • chukko
    chukko op 18 January 2017 · 12:39
    For me it has also another big disappointment - zip length. Running only to 3/4 of the length means that it is quite impractical when trying to pack the second pair of skis/poles especially when there is something blocking. Short zipper also means that you cannot put skis in/out while the bag is standing - which is a pity as the bag is pretty nice otherwise.


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