#FWT: Vallnord Arcalís Unofficial Forecast

By meteomorris on 21 January 2016 · 0

The first stop of the Freeride World Tour is scheduled in Vallnord Arcalís this weekend. It's thé freeride spot in Andorra and they're organizing freeride events there since 1998. Thanks to its northern location close to the border with France it gets quite a lot of snow with every storm and surrounded by relatively high peaks and an inner alpine climate, the snow stays in great condition for a long time. long preserved. The contest is ON this Friday, January 22nd from 8:30 AM watch it LIVE here.

Snowfall the last 6 days
Snowfall the last 6 days

Fresh snow last week

They had quite a lot of snow in Valnord last week. Around 25-40 centimeters of freshies came down between Saturday and Tuesday. There wasn't a lot of wind, so that's pretty good. Especially the snow that came down on Monday and Tuesday formed a great base for the event. The snow cover is pretty stable and the biggest threat is the warm air that will arrive the next 48 hours.

The contest face
The contest face

Weather forecast next 36 hours

It's sunny today and with the arrival of warm air the freezing level rises towards 2100 meters. There is almost no wind. You can feel the influence of the warm air especially on the southern slopes and this might lead to some spontaneous avalanches by the end of the afternoon. The sky will be clear in the night from Thursday to Friday and it will cool down thanks to the nocturnal radiation. A weak warm front will approach from the west on Friday. This will have some consequences for the visibility.

The conditions will deteriorate during the day thanks to the warm air from the southwest, less visibility and the slowly increasing humidity. It's still sunny in the early morning, but you'll see some high clouds already in the west. It won't take long before the clouds will dominate and the sun will have some trouble to get trough. The mild air and the clouds will cause some sort of a greenhouse, where the freezing level will rise towards the 2800 meters and the snow cover will start to feel humid in many places. It will be completely cloudy by the end of the day.

It's a good decision to start at 8.30 AM. The earlier, the better the conditions. Both for the riders and for the crowds. Let's hope for a great contest!!


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