PA#6 has started!

By meteomorris on 3 February 2016 · 3

It starts snowing heavily in the northwest of the Alps today. An active storm will send cold air to the Alps and we can ride powder again in about 24 hours. But don't wait too long. The current is turning to the northwest on Friday and this results in a southern Föhn and snowfall in the southern Alps. The current will turn to the northwest again after the weekend and we can expect some snow in the northern Alps. In this forecast:

  • PowderAlert #6 is ON for Thursday and Friday
  • The first southern Stau of the season and snow for the northwest
  • Test your knowledge about avalanches and snow safety for free!

PowderAlert #6 is ON for Thursday and Friday

It's the beginning of February and we're 'only' at PowderAlert #6, but next 72 hours will be fine. A cold front will hit the Alps from the northwest on Wednesday and this will result in freshies in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The sun will come out from the west on Thursday, but it might snow in Austria for a while. The snow line will be deep in the valleys, but will rise to 1500 meters on Friday. But it will be great days in the northwest of the Alps anyway. You'll find the best conditions from Hasliberg in the west to the Kleinwalsertal in the east (in regions: the Berner Oberland, Vorarlberg and the west of Tyrol). This leads to the PowderAdvice below:

  1. Vorarlberg and Tyrol,
  2. Berner Oberland and Glanerland,
  3. Haute Savoie and the west of Wallis,
  4. The northwest of the Savoie and Isère .

Friday will be pretty good in the north of the Salzburgerland and Steiermark, but the temperature will rise rapidly pretty soon after Friday.

The first southern Stau of the season and snow for the northwest

The first southern Stau of the season is getting closer and closer. It looks like it will happen this Saturday. Sunday just might be a day with lots of snow for the southern Alps. And as icing on the cake the current probably will turn to the northwest and the rest of the Alps will get snow as well. Check out this amazing snow map!


If the maps are correct, than PowderAlert #7 will be epic! But let's first enjoy PowderAlert #6!

Test your knowledge about avalanches and snow safety for free!

More and more people venture off-piste, but not everybody has the right knowledge and the right gear. Already 30 people died because of avalanches this winter. Do you have the right knowledge to ride off-piste? Test it yourself and start with the first capital of the Mountain Academy for free! No knowledge? Stay on the marked slopes or hire a mountain guide!

Stay stoked. Morris


  • Willi
    Willi op 3 February 2016 · 10:46
    hey Morris,

    thanks a million forthe great forecast even though you're busy on the other side of the world 😉

    i've been thinking of driving down from hamburg this weekend... i'll only get of Sa, Su and Mo 😞 and with the karnevall it'll be crowded and tracked on the weekend... my plan was to go skiining and buidling a nice igloo as a base in switzerland to avoid the high prices (and have some epic adventure 😉 ) but the winds worry me. austria is a bit too warm i think to make the drive worth it... do you have a special idea where the conditions could be worth it enough do make the 1000km drive, or should we just whait for the next powalert?... I'm very undecided...

    thanks again!!

  • aistis
    aistis op 3 February 2016 · 11:32
    Wow nice, hope there will be some powder left for February 11 th as I go there like for a week
  • DWF
    DWF op 3 February 2016 · 23:54
    I can't answer for northern Alps but I live in the southern Alps so I follow, Serre Chevalier, La Grave, Puy St Vincent etc. Its turned in to winter today and its snowing but the wind howling in the valley. From what I can see on what I expect from PA#7 we will have the same issues with the wind in the south but I'm still Psyched for PA#/ as we have plenty of tree runs in the area. Attached is a conversion table so the forecast is easier to understand.



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