PowderAlert #13: Cold, warm, cold and lots of snow

By meteomorris on 24 March 2016 · 0

I already gave you some insights about PA #13 yesterday. I'll give you some more details about this PowderAlert, so you'll know where to go till Sunday. More details about next week will follow on Sunday. The battle between spring and winter is ON and the big question where you can find the best powder the next couple of days. Because of the wind, fluctuating temperatures and abundant precipitation it's not exactly easy. But there's snow falling and PowderAlert #13 us definitely ON! If you are traveling to the Alps the next couple of days and you want to support wePowder and this forecast, book your accommodation using this link. We receive a small percentage of every booking made through this link and this helps us a lot to improve wePowder and advice you even better. Thanks in advance! In this forecast:

  • This PowderAlert will be a threesome: snow from the north, the southwest and the northwest
  • Step 1: Snow for the north
  • Step 2: Snow for the southwest and Föhn for the north
  • Step 3: Snow for the northwest

This PowderAlert will be a threesome: snow from the north, the southwest and the northwest

The outlines don't really differ from the forecast from yesterday. First we're going to get cold air and snow from the north, followed by snow for the southwest and Föhn for the northern Alps (thanks to a storm from the west and a current that's turning to the southwest) and the third step will follow after Monday: snow for the northwest with chances on a retour d'est. The will result in wind from different directions, snow in a lot of different parts in the Alps and a snowline yo-yo.

Step 1: Snow for the north

It's still snowing in the northeast this morning, but the sun will come out during the day. Friday will start sunny, but it will start snowing from the northwest pretty soon. The problem with this second front is that the temperatures will rise. The snowline will rise to 1200-1800 meters during Friday afternoon. Saturday will be sunny, but pretty warm on the north side of the Alps. If you want to take advantage of this first step, you'd better head to the resorts at higher altitude in Austria. Go for resorts with plenty of north faces above 2200 meters and you'll have an awesome powderday with 10-25 cm of freshies on Saturday(afternoon). Check the local avalanche forecast (there will be a lot of wind) and adapt your plans to it. PowderAdvice for this first step of the threesome:

A warm southern Föhn in the north
A warm southern Föhn in the north

Step 2: Snow for the southwest and Föhn for the north

The diagram above perfectly shows the rising temperatures thanks to the southern Föhn this weekend. Warm air is supplied from the southwest and it will be really warm in the western and northern Alps on Saturday and especially Sunday. It will start snowing on the southern side of the Alps during Sunday. The snowline will be around 1100-1500 meters, but the snow will only be dry above 1600-2000 meters. I expect the most snow south of the Ecrins (think of Puy St. Vincent), south of the Gotthard and the southwest of the Engadin (think of St. Moritz). It will snow heavily from the southwest in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The temperature will go up and down. The PowderAdvice for this second step of the threesome:

Step 3: Snow for the northwest

The current should move to the west from Tuesday. I'm not sure if it will be a southwestern or a northwestern current. The temperature will drop (temporarily) with snow in the northwest and the north of the Alps.

The next update will be published on Sunday! Happy powder chasing! If you want to book your accommodation: support wePowder and use this link. Thanks to everyone who already made a booking!

Stay stoked! Morris


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