Monday will be a good day, rising temperatures from Tuesday

By meteomorris on 27 March 2016 · 1

As I already mentioned a couple of days ago, the atmosphere is in a transition from winter to spring. It happens that computerized models just can't deal with this turbulent situation. The last couple of years we could enjoy cold temperatures and fresh snow during Easter, but everything is different this year. Higher temperatures are around the corner. The cold air that should come in with the third step isn't visible on the maps anymore and warm air will arrive in the Alps after the snow that will come down from today till Tuesday. The temperatures in the valleys can rise up to 20 degrees from Wednesday. Spring is here and this could result in some wet snow avalanches. If you are traveling to the Alps the next couple of days and you want to support wePowder and this forecast, book your accommodation using this link. We receive a small percentage of every booking made through this link and this helps us a lot to improve wePowder and advice you even better. Thanks in advance! In this forecast:

  • March was colder than normal
  • The third step of the threesome isn't visible on the maps anymore
  • Step 2: Snow from the west
  • High temperatures till Friday
  • Colder after Friday?

March was colder than normal

March clearly was colder than normal in many parts of the Alps and we could ride some great powder the last couple of weeks. The conditions in March were way better than in December and in line with the research from September 2015. March 2016 was also better than March 2015, when the high temperatures came in much sooner.

March 2016 clearly more snow (
March 2016 clearly more snow (

March 2016 clearly colder (source: NCEP)
March 2016 clearly colder (source: NCEP)

The third step of the threesome isn't visible on the maps anymore

March started with low temperatures, but will end with high temperatures. The cold air from the Atlantic will stay at a distance and subtropical air will arrive in the Alps from Tuesday. This is caused by a change in the path of the jetstream. The models thought it would be positioned more to the east without that southern component. This sudden change is typical for the transition periode from winter to spring and we'll probably see more of those changes the next couple of weeks. As a result, the Alps have to deal with warm air (because they're south of the jetstream) and the southern component will bring in extra warm air from the north of Africa. Byebye threesome!

Jetstream is more west than planned
Jetstream is more west than planned

Step 2: Snow from the west

It will start snowing from the west during Sunday. The Alps are at the border of warm and cold air and you can expect some snow around the Mont Blanc, the Belledone, Monte Rosa, western Engadin, Gotthard, Säntis, Vorarlberg and northern Tyrol above 1200-1500 meters. There's some room for the sun on Monday, just before a new front passes between Monday and Tuesday. But the temperatures will rise rapidly on Tuesday and because there's still some humidity in the air it will result in slushy snow up to high altitude. Monday will be the best day.

10+ degrees at 1500 meters on Wednesday
10+ degrees at 1500 meters on Wednesday

High temperatures till Friday

It will be warm in the Alps till Friday. The humidity is high and the avalanche risk will rise, because of the fact that the snow cover can't loose that humidity during the night. More about that on Tuesday. But there's something positive as well...

Colder after Friday?

The temperatures might just drop again at the end of this week. More about that on Tuesday. But let's ride some freshies on Monday first. I'm not going out this week. Lots of humidity, a wet snowpack and high temperatures for a couple of days aren't the best ingredients for safe (and fun) freeriding. Please be careful when you go out for a tour. The conditions for wet snow avalanches are perfect. Take it easy and don't hesitate to postpone your tour.

The next update will be published on Tuesday! Happy powder chasing! If you want to book your accommodation: support wePowder and use this link. Thanks to everyone who already made a booking!

Stay stoked!


  • tackle
    tackle op 27 March 2016 · 16:34
    Ok tomorrow will be a good day but where? I didn't understand, many thanks
    All you can eat!!!!!


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