Where will the snow come down??

By meteomorris on 7 April 2016 · 5

Can we ride some powder this weekend and where? Well, the battle on the weather maps is still going strong. Cold and warm air are battling for a spot right above the Alps the next 48 hours. And this battle won't be decided with a knock-out punch, because the outcome is different run after run. Whatever the outcome will be, this weekend will probably be (one of the) last weekend where you can ride some fresh powder. A southern current is ON after the weekend and warm air from the north of Africa will arrive in the Alps. But the bigger resorts are open till the end of April, so we have three more weeks ahead of us and a lot can happen. If you are traveling to the Alps the next couple of days and you want to support wePowder and this forecast, book your accommodation using this link. We receive a small percentage of every booking made through this link and this helps us a lot to improve wePowder and advice you even better. Thanks in advance! In this forecast:

  • Battle between cold and warm air
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  • Long term: high temperatures!

Battle between cold and warm air

Cold air from the north will reach the northwest of the Alps today. At the same time warm air from the south is heading to the Po Valley. It is expected that the cold air will be forced to withdraw after Friday.

Green is cold, orange is warm
Green is cold, orange is warm

Cold air will withdraw on Saturday
Cold air will withdraw on Saturday

It is on the dividing line between warm and cold air where moist air is present in large quantities and is forced to snow empty. That's happening above 700-1200 meters on the north side and of the Alps and in inner alpine valleys of the Swiss, Austrian and Northern French Alps. The snow line fluctuates around 1800-2000 meters on the south side of the Alps, because the freezing level is around 2000-2200 meters. This battle continues until Saturday (morning) and the sun will come out right after. We'll see more sun on Sunday, the temperature rises and spring arrives at the scene.

Snowfall on Friday
Snowfall on Friday


Friday is therefore the coldest day, but most of the precipitation comes down in those areas where it is too wam. For cold and fresh snow you'd better be at the north side of the Alps. Pick resorts that have quite a lot of terrain above 2000 meters. Andermatt and the glacier near Gstaad could be a good option on Saturday and especially on Sunday. Ischgl might also be a good pick. The same applies to Sulda am Ortler and the Corvatch at St. Moritz, but you have to go higher in those resorts to ride some good powder, because the snow line will be higher. The glaciers of Hintertux, Sölden and Stubai will be fine, but also with a high snow line. The sun will come out on Sunday in those resorts.

Long term: high temperatures!

The current will turn to the south after Sunday, subtropical air will come in and we don't have to think about riding powder for at least a week.

You can definitely ride some powder the next couple of days. If you want to book your accommodation: support wePowder and use this link. Thanks to everyone who already made a booking!

Stay stoked! Morris


  • tackle
    tackle op 7 April 2016 · 11:30
    What about Cervinia and zermat saturday?
    All you can eat!!!!!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 7 April 2016 · 16:24
    @tackle saturday will be okay. Sunday will be bluebird (and mild)
    May the powder be with you.
  • tackle
    tackle op 7 April 2016 · 21:53
    All you can eat!!!!!
  • peterski
    peterski op 9 April 2016 · 02:23
    Laax is reporting 30+cm but only 4cm on here, why the discrepancy? (webcams agree with 30cm)
  • kanski
    kanski op 9 April 2016 · 08:00
    Update 4 Valley's, Valais Switzerland;

    Photos taken at 1200m in Haute Nendaz.

    15cm at Mt. Fort (3300m) awesome piste conditions.

    For me it's a wrap in Nendaz this season...
    Never ski faster than your guardian Angel can fly!


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