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By meteomorris on 6 July 2016 · 0

We were looking for something fun to do during summer and we decided to make a movie. About us. About what we do as wePowder all together. And a film about wePowder means nothing when you're not in it. It's called WE powder for a reason.

The wePowder feeling

We thought it would be cool if we could make a movie of experiences that symbolize wePowder for you. Think about face shots,big lines, great powder runs, but also the heavy snowfall during your journey to the Alps, face plants, the fun, the beer with your friends at the end of a great day and a great sunset in the most beautiful playground of the world: the mountains. On skis, snowboard, telemark, splitboard...

We fully understand that you first think of an action shot of yourself and that is fine with us. But .... a movie with just POV / action shots will be quite boring at some point, so we want to ask you to send us some other footage as well, such as:

  • Big lines and spines
  • Trees and pillows
  • Travel
  • Safety (beacon check, avalanche reports, avalanches)
  • Snow falling down
  • Sunrise and sunset in the mountains
  • Everything about the weather: storms, wind, clouds
  • The best freerider is the one with the biggest smile
  • The beautiful mountains
  • Hiking, skinning, climbing
  • Faceplants...
  • You ride powder with friends (having a beer, fun, friends, together, wepowder... you know what we're talking about)

Send us your footage!

We kindly want to ask you to send us 'wePowder' footage which you are very excited about, so that we can start editing the first freeride movie created by a community.

You can send the footage like this:

  • The file can be up to 40 seconds (40 seconds for both the action and 40 seconds for other categories)
  • It must be a .MOV file
  • Minimum resolution 720P
  • Send us your nickname on wePowder and the location where the footage are shot

Send your entry before August 31st to (if the file is too large, use a service like Then we still have enough time to edit everything into the first freeride community movie!


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