PA#1: Thursday and Friday will be great days

By meteomorris on 8 November 2016 · 3

If you want to enjoy some fresh and cold powder, than you should go out today, Wednesday or Thursday. Especially on Thursday it will be worth the trip to a glacier in the northwest of the Alps or skin up an alpine meadow. The weather will change on Friday and the snow line will start rising to 1700-2200 meters on Saturday thanks to incoming warm air. In this forecast:

  • Looking back: first tracks
  • Lots of snow coming up for the northwest
  • Thursday and Friday morning will be pretty good
  • The temperature will start rising on Saturday

Looking back: first tracks

You could rise some fresh powder in October and the snow was pretty good again the last couple of days. You've send us footage from the Hautes Alps and the glacier in Austria and Switzerland. You can find a snow cover of around 20-50 cm above 2200 meters in the Alps right now. The higher you get, the thicker the snow cover.

Storm Julia
Storm Julia

Lots of snow coming up for the northwest

A storm named Julia is heading for the northwest of Europe on Wednesday and will bring will lots of freshies to the northwest of the Alps. It's pretty cold and you can expect the snow to fall deep into the valley. The first dump will come down in the French northern Alps and the west of Switzerland.

snow for the northwest
snow for the northwest

The front will move to the east in the night from Wednesday to Thursday and it will keep on snowing on the north side of the Alps. The sun may come out from the west on Thursday afternoon.

snow for the north
snow for the north

Thursday and Friday morning will be pretty good

Thursday will be a beautiful day in the west of the Alps. You can find plenty of fresh snow on the glaciers of Tignes and Les Diablerets and maybe the sun will come out as well. Fortunately, there's not a lot of wind and you could go for a tour on Thursday. It remains cloudy in Austria on Thursday, but the conditions on the slopes of the glaciers will be great.

Friday morning will be nice as well. The sun comes out in a lot of places, you can find some freshies in the northwest and the north of the Alps and this is the time to get your fix. The temperatures will start rising on Saturday.

The temperature will start rising on Saturday

A warm front passes in the night from Friday to Saturday. The snowline will rise to 2000 to 2200 meters in the west and to about 1500 to 1700 meters in the east. It will remain cold in Austria the longest. The snow line will start dropping again on Sunday and will end up at around 1400 meters, but will rise again on Monday. The jet stream will be positioned north of the Alps and this creates room for warm air to reach the Alps. We'll have to wait till the 20th-23rd of November for a significant drop in temperature.

Enjoy the cold powder on Thursday and Friday. You can also give it a go on Saturday and Sunday, but you'll have to deal with more wind and higher temperatures (especially on Saturday). Keep in mind that it's only November. So a good alternative is working on your safety skills!

Stay stoked. Morris!


  • ridermarangoni
    ridermarangoni op 9 November 2016 · 12:39
    Yesterday in Engadin:

  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 10 November 2016 · 11:06 May the powder be with you.
  • ridermarangoni
    ridermarangoni op 10 November 2016 · 12:01
    Thanks guys, hope this helps to get more info on conditions form other people and make this community grow!


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