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By meteomorris on 23 January 2017 · 1

High pressure is pre dominant above the Alps. The jetstream directs storms away from the Alps and as a result there is no significant snowfall to expect in the Alps untill at least the end of January. As an alternative you could (or probably should) chase powder in Greece, the Eastern Pyrenees and Mid Italy. In this forecast:

Snow safety Warning

Several deadly avalanches have been reported in the Alps the last days. Almost all of them are related to an older layer deeper in the snowpack
This critical layer is, even for experts, not visible from the outside. Avalanche bulletins do warn for this critical layer on slopes above 2000 meters. Our advice: Ride conservative lines. Want to know more? Check this article in which we issue a special avalanche warning.

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Short term

High pressure is dominant and blocks storms moving into the Alps. There is hardly any wind in the Alps. Expect no precipitation. We are going to have sunny days and clear and cold nights. Colder air, which is heavier, will sink into the valleys and relatively warmer air stays on top. As a result it will not only be colder lower down on the mountain, but pollution will also be trapped in this lower layer.

Since the last storm cycle a lot of snow came down in the Northern Alps. There is still powder to be found in the less busy resorts. But it is better to search for untracked powder below 2000 meters. The snowpack is more stable there at the moment.

Mid term

High pressure is still dominant and blocks storms moving into the Alps. A major storm is at the same time pushing cold fronts into Greece and the Eastern Pyrenees.

Eastern Pyrenees
Eastern Pyrenees

Mid Italy
Mid Italy

Long term

High pressure will be dominant until the end of the month. It is expected to loosen its strenght at the first week of February. The jetstream may then turn to west for the first time this winter with a new storm cycle coming up.

Powder advice

There is still some powder to be found below 2000 meters in the less busy resorts in the Northern Alps. For fresh powder your chase should be aimed at:

  • Mid Italy
  • The Eastern Pyrenees
  • Greece



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