Fresh snow for the Italian Piedmont

By meteomorris on 27 January 2017 · 6

High pressure is losing its strenght above the Alps. An Atlantic storm intensified the past few days and directed a frontal system into the Mediterranean basin. We are expecting significant snowfall in Southern Piedmont from Friday afternoon till Saturday. But expect freezing levels to rise significantly on Sunday. The most important weather models are in favor of an intensive storm cycle for the next week. Milder temperatures are expected with strong winds and significant snowfall for the Southern Alps at the end of next week. In this article:

  • High pressure is fading away
  • Fresh snow for the Southern Piemonte
  • Jetstream turning west to southwest

Huge storm on the Atlantic
Huge storm on the Atlantic

High pressure is losing its strength

The days with azure blue skies and clear nights will be soon behind us in the western Alps. The immense high pressure area is losing its strength, but it might take some time before the complete Alps may notice that. The vast majority of the Alps will stay dry with plenty of sunshine in Switzerland, Austria and large parts of northeast Italy. The wind will turn southwest causing the temperature to rise, especially on the northern side of the Alps where the Foehn will blow through to Saturday.

Fresh snow for the Southern Piemonte

A frontal system has suddenly popped up on the charts and is now tracking into the Mediterranean. It is a rather small frontal system but this little engine is sucking colder air from the east into the Po valley and, in the meantime, pushing moisture from the south towards Northwest Italy. Snowfall will be the result once these air masses mix and encounter the eastern flanks of the Piedmont. We expect 10-40 cm of freshies for the Southern Piedmont and 5-15 cm for the rest of the Piedmont from Friday till Saturday.

Cold air from the East, moisture from the South
Cold air from the East, moisture from the South

Up to 20 cm of fresh snow fell already in Limone Piemonte last Sunday and there is more to expect for the upcoming 24 hours. Temperatures at 1500 meters will be warming during the weekend, but remain low enough to guarantee powder on Saturday.

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The jetstream is coming back at the start of February

The relatively stagnant pattern of the last week will come to an end with a new storm cycle on the weather charts. It looks like weather systems may come in from the west for the first time this season. This may cause a storm cycle with several storms moving in. Make sure you have your Gore Tex shell ready.

Stay stoked. Morris


  • mseymour74
    mseymour74 op 27 January 2017 · 09:26
    Hi Morris
    Thanks for the latest update... I have the option of flying out from the UK Sat - Mon night to Limone - I don't know the resort altitude/aspects/geography, but would it still likely be worth it for Sun and Mon skiing based on the temperature rise and resort ski heights, or will the powder likely mostly turn wet and/or heavy? Any other recommendations for 48hrs away?!
    Many thanks
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 27 January 2017 · 11:00
    @mseymour74 I'm sorry, the powder will likely mostly turn wet and/or heavy below 1200 meters, but will stay fresh on Northern slopes above 1500 meters. So, yes!, I do expect you to find some freshies on Sunday and Monday at the higher peaks of Limone. Keep in mind though that the Italian resorts are quite busy during the weekend.

    The next week we will see a change in the upper air flow, so expect milder temperatures in the western and northern Alps and and slightly cooler temperatures in the southern Alps. Winds might be strong, especially on the northern side and the main alpine ridge.

    I am not that positive about the upcoming week although the fresh snow will further improve the on piste conditions in the Piemonte.

    The bigger change might be expected not earlier than the end of next week, when significant snowfall is on the charts for the Southern Alps. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty in the models regarding when, where and how much.
    May the powder be with you.
  • arslonga
    arslonga op 27 January 2017 · 16:17
    greetings from south..

    non rompete il c**** al cavaliere nero....
  • arslonga
    arslonga op 27 January 2017 · 16:18
    non rompete il c**** al cavaliere nero....
  • tarekbayazid
    tarekbayazid op 27 January 2017 · 18:16
    Morris, thanks again for all the goodness. I know this is a bit far out but need to think about logistics. I've got a crew flying into Zurich next Thursday night for 3 days of skiing. If it's true that storms hit from the south late next week, am thinking we drive down to Bosco Gurin. From Zurich seems like the shortest drive (3.5 hr) you can make to get properly south of the main alpine ridge. And if the roads suck we can sleep in Airolo or something and finish in the morning. Please let me know if there any better ideas I should look into. That's about the max drive we'd want to do.

  • tch
    tch op 27 January 2017 · 19:22
    In pyrinees as well, avalanche level at 4/5.


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