Live: follow the snowfall in Austria!

By meteomorris on 18 September 2017 · 5

There's a lot of snow in the forecast for Austria the next 48 hours. We follow the snowfall in this live blog! If you want to share something interesting, please share it in the comments!

Wednesday, September 20th: 15:45

Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun. Yes!

Wednesday, September 20th: 12:57

The sun is coming out from the west. The glacier resorts in Austria are still covered in clouds, but the images from France, Switzerland, Italy and the west of Austria are promising. You can ride on great snow on the slopes today, tomorrow and Friday!


Les Diablerets
Les Diablerets

Saas Fee
Saas Fee




Val Senales
Val Senales


Wednesday, September 20th: 10:07

Engelberg is white. The mountains north of the Swiss northern alpine ridge got a lot of fresh snow. It's even white on top of Brunni.

Wednesday, September 20th: 9:07

Stubai is ready! Frau Holle did her job!

Wednesday, September 20th: 8:02

And again: spot the ten differences on the Grossglocknerstrasse. The image above is taken this morning and the image below is from four days ago.

Wednesday, September 20th: 8:02

Most of the precipitation came down by now. I expect another 10 cm of snow to fall today, but it will be accompanied by a stormy wind in the main alpine ridge in Austria. Too bad, because a lot of snow will be transported on the glaciers.

Wednesday, September 20th: 7:55

There's a heavy wind on the peaks of the main alpine ridge. You can see that in the charts below (more wind), but also in the snow cover. There's less snow on Sonnblick even though it's still snowing. Snow transportation is reported on the Grossglocknerstrasse.

In the meantime, the snow cover on the north side of the main alpine ridge is still growing on the lower parts of the mountain.

Wednesday, September 20th: 7:51

Snow ploughs are active on the Grossglocknerstrasse since 5 AM. The wind turned to the north last night and there are heavy winds. This resulted in snow accumulations of 2-3 meters... It's still snowing lightly.

Wednesday, September 20th: 7:47

It's winter at the Turracher Höhe.

Tuesday, September 19th: 16:58

The Hintertuxer glacier got some fresh snow today. Does this look good or what??

Tuesday, September 19th: 15:58

The snowpack is growing in the high alpine. The snow cover is already over a meter thick around 3000 meters. There's already 45 cm at the Alpincenter in Kaprun.

Tuesday, September 19th: 14:53


Türracher Höhe
Türracher Höhe

Tuesday, September 19th: 14:16

Five snow ploughs keep the Grossglocknerstrasse accessible. Three teams are on it to keep the road clear!

Tuesday, September 19th: 13:49

There's already more snow in the Dolomites than last December. It's just too bad that the snow that comes down today won't last till December.

Tuesday, September 19th: 13:34

27cm of fresh snow on the Stubaier glacier and the snow keeps on falling.

Tuesday, September 19th: 12:24

Large flakes coming down in the Zillertal

Tuesday, September 19th: 12:19

20 cm + on the Stubaier glacier.

Tuesday, September 19th: 11:49

Fresh snow on the Planai, Schladming.

Tuesday, September 19th: 11:38

Tot en met vrijdag komen de super HD modellen met de volgende sneeuwverwachtingen voor de noordstau van het Salzburgerland en die Steiermark, het Dachstein massief en de Alpenhoofdkam tussen Salzburgerland en die Steiermark in het noorden en Karinthië in het zuiden:

  • tot en met 40 cm tussen de 1800 en 2200 meter
  • tot en met 80 cm tussen de 2200 en 2800 meter
  • tot en met 120 cm boven de 2800 meter

The super HD models forecast the following amounts of snow for the northern Stau areas in the Salzburgerland, Styria, Dachstein and the main alpine ridge between the Salzburgerland and Styria in the north and Carinthia in the south:

  • up to 40 cm between 1800 and 2200 meter
  • up to 80 cm between 2200 and 2800 meter
  • up to 120 cm above 2800 meter

Tuesday, September 19th: 11:26

Who can spot the ten differences on the Grossglocknerstrasse?

Today (above) and three days ago (below)
Today (above) and three days ago (below)

Tuesday, September 19th: 11:23

It looks like winter on the Türracher Höhe!

Tuesday, September 19th: 10:55

Fresh snow on the Tröbacher Alm in Carinthia. Thanks to Rudi for sending the photos!

Tuesday, September 19th: 10:45

Snow chains are mandatory on the Grossglocknerstrasse and on the B77 and B99 in Austria. (source)

Tuesday, September 19th: 10:00

It's snowing at the Stubaier Glacier! Check out the video from our friends at The Freeride Center.

Tuesday, September 19th: 9:18

It's snowing!


Planai, Schladming
Planai, Schladming

Gerlos (1500 meters)
Gerlos (1500 meters)

Sölden at the bottom of the Tiefenbachglacier
Sölden at the bottom of the Tiefenbachglacier

It's winter at the Grossglockner
It's winter at the Grossglockner

Tuesday, September 19th: 9:14

Fresh snow on the Pitztaler Glacier. You can also see the wind signs.

Tuesday, September 19th: 8:22

The Kaunertaler Glacier is ready to open on Friday. They already had some snow yesterday and there's more to come today.

Tuesday, September 19th: 8:15

Engelberg got a dusting as well, but the most snow will come down in the east of Austria.

Tuesday, September 19th: 8:12

Snow storm on the Grossglocknerstrasse.

Monday, September 18th: 21:17

Large parts of Austria will have to deal with a code orange weather warning on Tuesday (source)

Monday, September 18th: 20.21

It's snowing around the Grossglockner. Large flakes are visible on the webcam and the temperature is dropping.

It's white again
It's white again

Large flakes
Large flakes

Monday, September 18th: 20.00

The SLF (Swiss Avalanche Service) issued an avalanche forecast and expects the following quantities of snow above 2200 meters:

  • Alpennordhang vom östlichen Berner Oberland bis zu den Glarner Alpen: 30 bis 50 cm
  • übriger Alpennordhang, Unterwallis sowie Nord- und Mittelbünden: 10 bis 30 cm
  • übrige Gebiete: weniger, am Alpensüdhang trocken
    (source: SLF)


  • orto
    orto op 19 September 2017 · 21:13
    Don't forget the southermost Alps - Karawanks, Carinthian-Styrian Alps, Julian Alps.
    Today we got 50cm/12h , 60cm/24h at Kredarica, 2515 m.
    That it the highest new snow height in September in the whole measuring era (since 1961). Tomorrow snow height will be around 90 cm, which is a record value for September.

    Snow level is around 1400 m in Julian Alps but just around 1100 m in Carinthian-Styrian Alps.

    There is probably even higher amount of new snow in the Karawanks (50% higher precipitation amount compared to Julian Alps), but unfortunatelly there is no working high-altitude weather station. We will have to check it tomorrow on skis.
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 19 September 2017 · 21:22
    Wow! That sounds good! Looking forward to your live update tomorrow @orto !
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • orto
    orto op 21 September 2017 · 20:54
    Yeah, we have skied Hochobir (2139 m) in the Karawanks, 30 cm at 1500 m, 40 cm at 1700 m,
    but uneven snow distribution at higher altitude due to strong N wind. Not so much snow but luckily good skiing conditions. Anyway enough for tour ski opening.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 22 September 2017 · 13:13
    @orto, nice! Any pictures to share with us?
    May the powder be with you.
  • orto
    orto op 22 September 2017 · 21:29
    Yes, of course, something is here:
    And much more here (text is unfortunately in Slovene language, but photos are still universal):


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