It's snowing right now. More to come next week?

By meteomorris on 27 October 2017 · 0

It's been warm in the Alps the last 48 hours with temperaturs above zero degrees Celsius. That will definitely change the next 96 hours. The temperature will start to drop today and will really drop on Sunday. In this forecast:

  • Snowfall in Austria
  • Dynamic weather in the long term

Noordstau, wat is dat eigenlijk? Heb je geen idee, of weet je het niet helemaal zeker? Lees dan even dit artikel over de Noordstau

Snowfall in Austria

I already wrote about the snowfall for Austria yesterday, which basically is a northern Stau with a strong high-pressure area in the west. A front passed The Netherlands and Germany in the night form Thursday to Friday. The temperature dropped and this front is arriving on the northside of the Alps. The sun will come out on Saturday and it will really start on Sunday. You can expect more cold air from the north and more snowfall for the resorts north of the main alpine ridge. The most snow will come down in Austria with a snow line that will start at 2000 meters, but will drop into the valleys on Sunday night. It's just too bad that this will come with heavy winds, but the conditions on the glaciers will be okay on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. The eastern parts of Switzerland will also get some snow, but Austria will definitely get more. You'll also have to pay attention to some residual clouds, which will stick around a bit longer in the east, resulting in white outs. You can expect 15-30 cm of snow, locally up to 40 cm. But the heavy wind will definitely be a problem.

Check out the snowfall till Monday below. Tip: check out the snow forecast for the next 6 days and even the next 14 days if you're a Pro member.

Dynamic weather in the long term

The big question is what will happen after Monday. The models are going back and forth the past 48 hours. The biggest question mark the next couple of days will be if the high-pressure area on the Atlantic Ocean will stick around. This area was kind of a problem because it let the snowfall in France and parts of Switzerland disappear and it's still not clear what will happen next week. There are basicly two scenarios:

  1. Status quo: high pressure will remain dominant and there are only chances of snow in the eastern parts of Austria
  2. Breakthrough from the northwest: a storm depression will find its way to the Alps via the North Sea and France and Germany

Next update on Sunday!

Stay stoked, Morris


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