Review Black Diamond Mission Down Ski Parka

By dr.Gear on 15 January 2018

There are days when it's really cold. As in freezing cold. We are not talking about temperatures just below freezing with an icy wind. No, we are talking about the really cold days. At least minus 15 and preferably even colder. When you breathe in you feel your nose hairs making a receding or stiffening movement. You feel your lungs protest that this air is simply too cold. But you also see those glittering crystals waiting for you. Cold and dry. Dr. Gear simply loves those days. And exactly for those days you want the Black Diamond Mission Down Ski Parka.

Great fit

It is quite a mouthful, but we are talking about a very warm jacket. Usually these jackets are very big and they don't really seem to care about the shape of your body. Fortunately that's something BD has taken care of, so you still have quite some freedom of movement and the jacket has a great fit. 70% goose down and 30% synthetic down ensure that you do not get cold even on those very cold days. The disadvantage of that down is often that it does not go well with water; it's a common issue with down jackets. This coat is equipped with GORE® Thermium® and that has a number of advantages.

GORE® Thermium®

In short, it comes down to the fact that GORE® Thermium® is a layer on the fabric that ensures that the jacket remains waterproof in light snowfall and rain. Of course, the membrane is completely windproof. Dr. Gear has worn the jacket during the last winter week and hey: it works. As long as the rain isn't really heavy, there is nothing to worry about. But honestly, even Dr. Gear doesn't hit the mountain on rainy days. I prefer days with heavy snowfall. And the jackets is just great for those days.

Die-hard jacket

This jacket has all the features that you'd expect. Taped (and therefore waterproof) seams, a hood that can go over your helmet, all kinds of zippers for ventilation, lots of handy pockets, powder skirt etc. And not unimportant: the down that is used in this jacket is RDS certified. That stands for Responsible Down Standard and you can assume that the geese and ducks whose down has been used have had an okay life.

And then the price: The Black Diamond Mission Down Ski Parka costs € 500.00 (or 450 GBP) and will keep you warm on those cold days mid-winter!

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