Review Black Diamond First Light Hybrid Hoody

By dr.Gear on 8 January 2018

The mid-layer is perhaps the most underestimated piece of apparel you wear when you go up the mountain. Everyone understands the importance of a good first layer and a technical shell that is wind and waterproof. Yet you can see many skiers and boarders make kind of strange decisions what to wear as a mid-layer: a simple shirt, a sweater or something else that doesn't meet the job requirements. There are better options, such as the First Light Hybrid Hoody from Black Diamond.

First light

This jacket is designed by Black Diamond for the descents at the first light. You leave at night between four and six (depending on what you plan for that morning), put on your head lamp, dress well and after a couple of hours you will reach the point where you will descend. More and more skiers and snowboarders in the Alps go up in the right conditions at night, descend and are at work at 9 am. With a big smile. With all this effort it is important that you are warm, but that your perspiration moisture can also be properly drained.

Merino = awesome!

The First Light Hybrid Hoody comes with PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active. That simply means that this lining keeps you warm. In addition, the hoody is provided with merino wool. Merino is one of the finest wools. It insulates fantastically, breathes well and does not stink (which is nice if you've been sweating for a few hours). The PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active can be found in the hood, chest and arms. The Merino wool can be found on the body and in the underarms.

Pretty protective

Furthermore, there are some pockets on the Black Diamond First Light Hybrid Hoody, but well, that's never really interesting for a mid-layer. The fabric that has to cope with all elements is a lightweight Schoeller® shell that has been treated with NanoSphere® Technology, and the result is that you are properly protected against precipitation. However, if it becomes too intense then it is advisable to wear a good shell over this warm mid-layer.

The Black Diamond First Light Hybrid Hoody costs € 230,00.

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