Where should I go from milano? (2nd week of Jan)

  • Ben Arojas
    Ben Arojas op 28 December 2017 · 11:14

    I wonder where I should I go on the second week of January (for 4 days).
    I have a flight to Milano and would take a rented car.
    Thoughts on Courmayeur & La Thuile.... Monterosa could also be nice but what about the snow?

  • Arjen
    Arjen op 28 December 2017 · 17:40
    @Ben Arojas Second week of January is still a bit too far into the future to say something about the snowfall. Just keep checking this site and/or become Pro to get access to the 14-day forecast.
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 29 December 2017 · 15:32
    Unless the Monte Rosa gets a bunch more snow in the next 2 weeks, I wouldn't go there. A lot can happen in 2 weeks.

    It's fantastic terrain, but really rocky and needs good snowpack to really enjoy.

    Courmayeur and La Thuile have gotten good snow, so they should be skiing well.

    Madesimo has also gotten good snow and is a fun mountain and good town.

    Milan has connections up into Switzerland and Austria as well where most resorts now have good snowpack.
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 30 December 2017 · 16:40
    Looks like this storm may fill in the alpine around the Monte Rosa.


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