EXTREME avalanche danger and heavy snowfall!

By Arjen on 8 January 2018 · 2

Bonneval sur Arc
Bonneval sur Arc

Check out day 2 of our live blog about this 'dump of the decade' here!

A quick round-up from those parts of the Alps that are getting hammered right now. The avalanche danger in the Haute Maurienne and the Haute Tarentaise is now EXTREME (that's five on a scale of five). Same goes for resorts like Saas-Fee and Zermatt in Wallis. There's a lot, and we mean a lot of snow coming down in these parts of the French Alps, the Swiss Alps and the Italian Piedmont. Check out the forecast which tells you everything about this retour d'est here.

Update Val d'Isère

The avalanche danger is EXTREME in Val d'Isère right now and people are asked to stay inside. A lot of roads are closed!

8-1 20:14 Tignes

8-1 19:53 Bonneval sur Arc

8-1 19:13 Sestrière

8-1 19:11 Cervinia

8-1 19:11 Prali

8-1 19:08 Tignes

8-1 19:05 Avalanches from roofs in Bonneval sur Arc

8-1 19:00 Very rare

The current retour d'est is very rare. Météo France published the following statistics:

  • This extreme situation only occurs once every 30 years in the Haute Tarentaise/Haute Maurienne
  • East of the Queyras: every 10 years
  • Mercantour (with resorts like Isola 2000): every 2 years

8-1 17:50 Val di Susa

It's dumping in Val di Susa.

8-1 17:51 Cervinia

Cervinia (on the south side of the Matterhorn) is getting hammered.

8-1 17:30 Extreme avalanche danger

According to Météo France, the avalanche danger is now EXTREME in some regions in the Haute Savoie. There's an active weather alert for that region.

Extreme avalanche danger
Extreme avalanche danger

8-1 17:10 Bonneval sur Arc

Some great images from Bonneval sur Arc. There's still a lot of snow in the forecast.

8-1 15:45 Bardonecchia

Heavy snowfall in Bardonecchia in the Italian Piedmont.


  • Moeui
    Moeui op 8 January 2018 · 19:20

    And also in southern Switzerland like Zermatt...
  • Jam
    Jam op 8 January 2018 · 23:08
    Epic report!


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