Ski Storage geneva Airport

  • Scarlettabbott
    Scarlettabbott op 24 January 2018 · 12:22
    Hi. Anyone come across a sensible way to store skis at Geneva Airport between trips - I have a few trips this season all going through Geneva and £70 a trip on skis is painful!!
    Jonny English
  • EmileHendrix
    EmileHendrix op 25 January 2018 · 11:45
    Hi, It's I wile ago I've been there, and if I recall correctly, they don't have a plus-size luggage desk in Geneva/Geneva airport, but they do have lockers. Dependent on their size, your ski's might just fit (but I really don't know...)
    This is the (German) Gepäck/luggage site from the station in downtown Geneva. They have phone number that might help you out with locker-size, storage possibilities and prices on one or both of the stations (downtown/airport). is the sbb's forum where you could ask for help if the call doesn't work out.

    I'm curious what solution is best in the end (as I might end up with the same challenge in the future 😃 ).
    Good luck and a better winter 😉
    Een kleine fantasie kan groter zijn dan de wereld.
  • Scarlettabbott
    Scarlettabbott op 25 January 2018 · 16:07
    Many thanks Emile - will have a look and report back!
    Jonny English
  • mmp3
    mmp3 op 26 January 2018 · 18:34
    I would be very very interested too..... keep posting....
  • genevaskistorage
    genevaskistorage op 7 March 2018 · 16:59
    Hi all. Appropriate time for us to join the conversation on this one. We've got a new service in Geneva offering just this. It starts at £134 for the whole year (less than flying twice), and with this you can have unlimited collections from GVA. All kit is stored only 10minutes from the airport in our storage depot. Simply notify us of a trip online, and our rep will be in the arrivals hall waiting with your Skis. The service is on a yearly basis, so if you're headed out for one final trip this season, you can leave you kit with us at the airport on the return, and your £134 covers you to this point next year. Any questions, by all means send them our way!
  • Scarlettabbott
    Scarlettabbott op 7 March 2018 · 17:02
    Great idea and you've just taken my business idea!! Website?
    Jonny English
  • genevaskistorage
    genevaskistorage op 7 March 2018 · 17:07
    It's an easy one to remember 😃 -

    You can sign up for free to get an idea of how it works, and then when you want to commit, simply purchase a package and your profile page goes live. Any other questions, let us know.
  • AshleySalek
    AshleySalek op 4 December 2018 · 13:27
    Hi all -

    Found a great ski storage company -

    Plus if you get a ski transfer with them, you can store your skis/snowboard for free!

    Done it last year and going to pick them up when I go to Alps again this season 😃


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