PA #16: after rain comes snowfall

By meteomorris on 16 February 2018 · 1

It rained up to 2200 meters in the west and 1700 meters in the east of the Alps on Thursday. Warm air arrived in the Alps yesterday and this will dominate the weather in the Alps until Saturday morning. In the video weather forecast above I explain briefly what will happen the next couple of days.

First mild, than colder

Friday and Saturday are mild, although cold air is not that far away from the Alps. This cold air will find its way to the Alps on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, most of the precipitation has already disappeared from the maps. It's not only bad news, because:

  • The air will get colder from Saturday
  • You can expect a decent amount of snow above 2000 meters in the west and northwest of the Alps
  • Cold fresh snow will come down this Saturday afternoon
  • The sun will come out on Sunday

Above 2000 meter

Sunday will be a great day in the northwest of the Alps. The resorts that have sufficient terrain above 2000 meters have received fresh snow, it is a bit colder and the sun is present. The disadvantage is that it is very crowded. It is peak season in France and there will be a lot of traffic on the road on Saturday (and expect lift lines on Sunday). Powder panic all over the place, especially in the large ski areas. An alternative is Switzerland. It's more expensive, but not that crowded in some ski areas in the northern Swiss alpine ridge (know where to go :)).

Fresh snow from Monday

A new storm comes in on Monday. The path of this storm is not entirely certain yet, but in the most recent calculations it tends towards a northern Stau. That means snow for the north of Switzerland and Austria. If you go for some first tracks in the Swiss northern alpine ridge on Sunday, you're on the front row for the snow that follows right after. If the storm picks a course more to the west you're still in a good position.

Next update on Sunday! PowderAlert #16 is in effect and the Swiss areas in the northern alpine ridge would be my place to start. Not that crowded and flexible enough to make the right choices for Monday/Tuesday.

Stay stoked! Morris


  • ryanlavoie
    ryanlavoie op 17 February 2018 · 12:41
    Hey Morris
    Flying to val disere and tignes today havent been heard its a great place. Hows it looking over there? Thanks!


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