Trip Report - PA 13

  • Storpotatisen
    Storpotatisen op 27 February 2018 · 09:03
    So, November, December and January passed by… watching storm after storm delivering goods on WePowder. Then finally, end of January it was our turn to head for the alps.
    But…would there be a storm during our trip? Well, the 14-day forecast promised lots of snow one day, to show sun the next. Then some more snow, just to show that grinning sun the very next day again… Patience…There’s a thin line between heaven, and hell. Now, I’m usually very understanding when it comes to weather forecasts. Especially the long-term forecast of course, but I just couldn’t help myself this time, cursing @meteomorris for the unpredictable forecasts. No offense, I really love the site, your enthusiasm and of course - the forecasts.. But…you know….this one time…. The uncertainty got to me.. =)

    Anyways, with the forecasts switching we were standing at the airport, asking ourselves – where to go? Tickets took us to Münich and the initial plan were Vorarlberg….. Only problem with that was, the forecast were down to 30 cm’s…..with a hard base after the somewhat high temperatures recently.. But hey, something seemed to show up around the Austrian/Slovenian border… End of discussion, towards Sella Nevea it was..
    No rush though, the forecast gave us an extra day on the way down there, and this day was spent in Grosseck-Speiereck. Not much to say about this area, with a little snow it could have been a blast, but this particular day it was mainly hard. Most important thing with this day though, back on them skis. Wonderful!
    Ok, after skiing almost a full day, we moved on towards Sella Nevea and it began to rain….like in a lot. And we all know what that means – snow higher up. Yay!

    Following day we had received 50 cm of fresh on top of the car outside of Refuge Julia.. Hurry hurry….gotta get up on that mountain! Adrenaline, stoke and excitement took over. Until we got down to the lift…. Sorry guys, 130 cm’s on the mountain, too much snow, we are closed today….and maybe tomorrow. Wtf, is he joking with us was the first thought. Second thought – now what?
    Emergency meeting back at the hotel. Got the hostess to call around nearby resorts and apparently Tarvisio had received “only” 80 cm and had most lifts open. Ok, yalla yalla – no time to waist. Pack the bags, abandon the hotel and head for Tarvisio.
    Tarvisio was deep. As in really deep. But even though we had so much snow we were somewhat….disappointed? No, definitely not disappointed. But not as happy as you could have imagined, but why? Well, the snow were a bit…fishy…to say. It was kind of hard riding it, and the skis went straight down into the deep. But who am I to complain, it was a great day!

    Next day - Nassfeld. What a nice area, real fun terrain and fresh snow. But…there’s always a but, isn’t it? All the fresh snow on top of the harder sliding surface made up the ingredients for a somewhat nervous day. But hey, ski with your brains and…ehh, well, keep the speed up on those small tree runs. At the end of the day we even got to see the sun which were nice, because when you’re on these ski trips you always leave a place, without knowing what it looks like. You go like - Öhh, well there were some trees….and there were lots of snow…ehhh.. You know what I'm talking about.. Nassfeld though, great place and great day!

    So, Mölltal gletscher were supposed to have received some snow as well and we know it had been closed for two days due to that. Next day were supposed to be sunny, so we were betting on the high alpine opening. And we were right, they opened up, all the way to the top! But as we all know by now, there’s always a but. Yes, we should have checked the wind. Even though we found some nice turns, most of the high alpine were windblown. Very windblown indeed, and this day did not meet our high expectations. But it’s always nice to see a new place though, and they did serve a great hot chocolate!

    Time were running out, so we were slowly heading back towards Münich. Last day of skiing got to be either Obertauern or Zauchensee. With the windblown Mölltaler gletscher fresh in mind, we opted for the forests of Zauchensee which proved to be a good choice. There’s some really nice treeskiing at this little gem, and even though most of it were tracked out already, we managed to find some really great lines. You know the kind of snow that is deep and cold enough to give you those easy-going laidback powderturns, that old bastards like myself really enjoys. And to top it off with a super-schnitzel in the hometown of Herminator himself, Flachau, made it even better.

    To summarize it all we had a splendid trip. 5 days, 5 resorts and lots of powder. Check out the vid for a closer look of the action.

  • Hayduke
    Hayduke op 27 February 2018 · 11:14
    Nice trip report. I see multiple face shots in the video = mission accomplished!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 28 February 2018 · 17:28 May the powder be with you.
  • EmileHendrix
    EmileHendrix op 28 February 2018 · 21:00
    Oeh! That looks good 😋
    Een kleine fantasie kan groter zijn dan de wereld.


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