It will be ON in the southern Alps from Thursday

By meteomorris on 14 March 2018 · 1

A good amount of snow came down in the northwest of the Alps on Tuesday. Wednesday was a bluebird day, but there is snow in the forecast again for the south and the southwest and a strong Föhn for the north of the Alps for Thursday. PA #21 (southwest) turned into PA #22 (northwest) and PA #23 will be ON from Thursday afternoon. Who is willing to drive a bit and book acco last minute made a nice roadtrip through the Alps the last couple of days. And there will be more snow coming down after Thursday! In this forecast:

  • Up to 45 cm of fresh snow in the northwest
  • Today was a powder day
  • New storm from the south(west)
  • PA #23 from Thursday
  • Snow during the weekend and colder

Up to 45 cm of fresh snow in the northwest

It's been snowing heavily in the northwest of the Alps since Monday evening. The snow line dropped rapidly. You could ride great powder on Tuesday afternoon, as you can see in the footage below from Les Gets and Engelberg.

Wednesday was even better. The sun showed came out from the west and PA #22 was ON. And that immediately after a good PA #21 in the southwest of the Alps.

New storm from the south(west)

We have to deal with a new storm from Thursday. The Föhn charts for Switzerland and [Austria]( png) show a Föhn from the south. And it looks like that the southwest and the southern side of the main alpine ridge will get hammered again. This is all caused by a very powerful low pressure area above the British Isles with a sub-core close to the Alps.

Current from the southwest to south
Current from the southwest to south

If we look into this storm more closely, the following will probably happen:

  • The night to Thursday and Thursday morning: heavy snowfall in the southwest of the Alps. It will snow heavily especially south of the Ecrins with a snow line around 1000-1300 meters (and locally even lower). It will also snow in the Alpes Maretimes and the western and southern Piedmont. Towards the end of the morning the snowfall spreads to the north.
  • Thursday afternoon and evening: it is still snowing south of the Ecrins, but the center of gravity slowly shifts towards the north. It will snow in the Aosta and the northern French Alps, but it will particularly snow heavily in the northern Piedmont, Ticino, Haut Valais (around the Simplon and Monte Rosa), the north of Lombardia and the west of Trentino. Snow line around 1000-1400 meters.
  • It will continue to snow in the night to Friday, but the clouds slowly move away to the east.

You can expect 30-50 cm, locally 60 cm above 1500 meters:

You can also expect a lot of snow in the rest of the Italian Piedmont and in the bordering regions (Wallis and Aosta).

PA #23 from Thursday

After the snowfall in the night to Thursday it is already ON in the south of the Ecrins and the bordering ski areas in the Italian Piedmont on Thursday morning. The conditions will also be good in the other regions after lunch. There's an active PowderAlert on Friday for all the regions above.

The sun will come out in the western Alps on Friday, but the air remains unstable and it will continue to snow in the eastern Alps. Colder air flows from the east to northeast into the Alps by Friday evening. The somewhat lighter, milder and especially humid air is then forced to snow empty due to the penetration of the heavier colder air.

Air pressure distribution this weekend
Air pressure distribution this weekend

Snow during the weekend and colder

The arrival of the cold air creates an interesting situation for the weekend and the days after the weekend. A very powerful high pressure area transports very cold air to the east from Friday night. The center of gravity of this cold air is to be located north of the Alps. At the same time, the air pressure drops south of the Alps and there are storm depressions south of the Alps. Normally an eastern current and cold air results in snowfall from the east. With low pressure to the south, that can almost be called a certainty. But there is a lot of dynamics in the models at the moment so that it is still too early to make choices for the weekend. A new update on Thursday with tips where to go this weekend.

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    Anybody fancy Andermatt tomorrow? Currently skiing by myself


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