Rome Pow Division 160 pintail

  • KoudeLeeuwen
    KoudeLeeuwen op 29 August 2018 · 20:28
    Vorig jaar heb ik dit Rome Pow Division 160 board gekocht. Slechts 1,5 week gebruikt afgelopen seizoen en nog helemaal top. Wordt verkocht wegens aanschaf ander board.
    Vraagprijs: €200
    Nieuwwaarde €500.

    A family of powder boards for arcing, slashing and floating through the untracked good stuff. The Pintail (PT) keeps maneuverability with a short, tapered tail, but also adds big bowl speed with its added length. Rome''s Powder S 3D camber gives this board all float in the front and powder in the back.
    Key Features of Rome Powder Division Pintail Snowboard:
    TurboRods - Carbon Single Barrel Nose: A single TurboRod of carbon in a nose to dampen and stabilize nose performance in powder
    Powder - S 3D: Gives this board all float in the front and powder in the back
    Shape: Directional
    Pop Core Matrix
    StraightBiax Carbon Laminate
    SinterTrue Base

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  • BASC
    BASC op 30 August 2018 · 21:23
    Zo'n fijne plank!
  • aronneottolini
    aronneottolini op 31 October 2018 · 14:40
    is it still availble? Do you ship to Italy?
  • aronneottolini
    aronneottolini op 31 October 2018 · 14:41
    whattsapp +39 3357122396
  • andycross
    andycross op 11 December 2018 · 23:09
    Hey, is this still available?


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