DRUSHBA - Skiing the Urals

By Arjen on 14 November 2018 · 0

The guys from Midiafilm and El flamingo booked a train ticket to Vorkuta, a russian town north of the Arctic Circle, and started searching fo skiing opportunities in the northern Urals. It actually takes a 40 hour train ride and another six hour sled adventure at -20°C to get there. They lived in an old train carrriage that had been taken off the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Most of the mountains in that part of Russia have never seen skiers before. It was not only the incredible landscape, best described as the arctic desert, but also the welcoming people we met in this cold and remote place that made this journey so unique. Druschba means friendship and was frequently used during their time in the mountains with six foreign russian sled drivers.

Hop on the train to the wild north. There is still lot ́s of terrain to explore up there.


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