Review: Powfinder Limited 149, LESS is more

By mariekedeleede on 21 January 2019 · 1

December 2017, an unexpected day with 6 Powfinder riders and me in the mountains. Beautiful snow, great company and perfect tree runs. I had one of those days in my life. Call it simply happiness. The guys were stoked and I have to admit I became quite curious while hearing all the enthusiastic yelling and screaming about those beautiful bamboo boards. Unfortunately according to the guys, with my smaller size feet it wouldn't make sense to ride on one of their Morris Signature series 157. I don't know if they were to eager to share their boards with me, but they told me I needed a smaller board, which would become available next season. In sum, I was curious but as I was also happy with my Burton Family Tree and thought it might be a “guy” thing to have a Powfinder. I definitely felt no need to immediately buy one.

Bart on his Powfinder
Bart on his Powfinder

But luckily once the new Powfinder 149 series became available my boyfriend Bart decided otherwise. During fall he pre-ordered one of the very few Limited boards. As a present. Yijhaa!

The Powfinder Limited series
The Powfinder Limited series

December 2018, a big package got delivered. From the moment I met my new precious it was love at first sight. I liked the looks online but in reality this board looks even better! My new precious was allowed to stay in the living room for a few weeks until it was time to test it last week. Destiny: Arlberg area.

I can be short about it: it is definitely the best snowboard I have ever had! In short: LESS is more…

  • Light
  • Easy
  • Smooth
  • SMILE :) It is a powerful board, it is speedy, it turns easy and I have more control.

I hear some people think... 'nice for those powder runs, but how about any other terrain?' Well, I can guarantee you also on piste you are in full control. It turns easy on moguls, it has tons of grip on icy slopes and you can also carve with it! Or even better, you should carve with it. It is such a pleasure to feel the G-forces once you lay down that new skool carve. Even the small boarder cross which I entered at the end of the slope became a paradise and I had lots of fun! Finally, for me not that unimportant; my new board looks beautiful. It works better than any dating app so far measured by all the attention I got from my freeride fellows, or anybody you meet at the lift ;)

It wasn’t only love at first sight, the love deepened with every fresh line in the powder. After two weeks with this powfinder I feel this love will last! Can’t wait to go to the mountains again.

I guess the message is clear: I’m super happy with this board and would recommend a Powfinder 149 to all (female or lighter) boarders! And no, I don’t get paid to write this small blog, I just hope a lot more people will get this amazing experience in the powder. Feel free to conact me in case you want further feedback, advice or whatever. Would love to help you. Of course you can also ask your questions below in the comments section.

Let it snow, Marieke

Marieke de Leede No Mountain 2 High 06-44442754


  • lupe66
    lupe66 op 22 January 2019 · 14:55
    The K2 Cool Bean is also a surfing dream and also good on the piste.


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