Test: Ortovox 3L Guardian suit

  • Daaf
    Daaf op 11 February 2019 · 13:20
    Arjen asked me to test the new jacket and pants of Ortovox. It was about time I experienced some of the latest developments in apparel. I am extremely content with my current outfit, but that is also already 6 years old and it has some holes in it. So it seemed like a good idea to test what Ortovox had to offer. So I'm testing the Guardian 3L jacket and pants with matching SWISSWOOL Piz Boval midlayer.

    Arjen provided me with a size L. I weigh 79 kilos at 1.86m and I'm usually between M and L. Size L of Ortovox is fine for me anyway. The jacket and pants have a bit of a baggy and negligent look. That's perfect for me, because the back protector that I usually wear fits under it. I can also wear the midlayer over my back protector.

    The rock print stands out and even my girlfriend loves the design. What immediately strikes me is the weight of the jacket. A lot lighter than my current one! It just saves carrying some extra weight when we're on a tour. There are handy pockets everywhere and also a pocket for your ski pass is not missing. When you get warm, there are vent zips under the arms. What I personally find very useful is that the vent zips can zip in two directions. So there is a double zipper. This makes it easier to open and close zippers.

    The finish is perfect. The zippers are nice and sturdy, neatly taped and very flat. The powder skirt is adjustable and removable. The hood has a good fit, is adjustable and closes nice and high with helmet and without. The pants are a high-closing model which can be easily adjusted with velcro around your waist. The pants are 200 grams lighter than my current pants. There are plenty of pockets (four) to carry everything. The ventilation openings on the side of the pants would have been better for me if they were a bit longer and I do not see 'powder skirts'.

    So far so good, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let's go riding! Already during the first meters I notice that this suit is extremely smooth. Where in my old suit with full avalanche Gear (beacon, backpack) I had to search for more comfort, I did not have to do that with the Ortovox jacket. I didn't really notice the Merino lining in the jacket, but I sure did in the pants. Nice and warm. This was especially useful during my trip to Finland where I was in the lift at -26 with a nice headwind. Where I normally arrived on the peak with really cold legs, I did not have any problems with that now. It's good to know that Ortovox can still put quite good insulation in such a light shell.

    I also wore the jacket and pants during a night-time Northern Lights adventure. Where my old jacket became stiffer when the temperature was really low, I did not notice anything with the Ortovox jacket. Even at -35 it still felt nice and smooth. The midlayer provided warmth during that cold night (Merino is pretty awesome).
    Although I stood outside for a couple of hours to make pictures, I really wasn’t that cold.

    The jacket and pants obviously are waterproof as well. Sprays, (failed) jumps and rain, not even a drop came through. The powder skirt works amazing.

    In terms of breathability, I am really satisfied as well. In my old jacket I sometimes sweat excessively during a hike, with the Ortovox jacket this was not the case. This is probably due to the Merino mid-layer. According to Ortovox it is the intention that it absorbs moisture quickly (during a short hike for example) and slowly releases it through the Dermizax membrane. In my case it worked very well!

    The SWISSWOOL Piz Boval midlayer is a nice warm mid layer that can be worn on two sides. Personally, I'm more charmed by the gray side than the silk with the red/blue pattern, but again that is personal. The lining of the midlayer is a wool / PLA mixture. Because PLA contributes to the plastic soup (during the washing, tiny plastic parts of the PLA come into the water) I would have liked it better if it had not been there. On the other hand, the production of Dermizax is a lot more environmentally friendly than for example Goretex.

    To summarize: what a great jacket and pants! It's better than my old jacket on all criteria. It's comfortable, light and warm. I think it's time for a change .... say goodbye to my old jacket and go to the store!

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