PA #16: Tuesday is a powder day! (PA #17 and PA #18 are coming up!)

By meteomorris on 10 March 2019 · 3

Be patient. As announced in the video forecast, the weekend is much too mild. The snow line is in many places around 2000 meters and it locally rains heavily in the valleys on the north side of the Alps. For some sun and better weather you have to be on the south side of the Alps. But there is a lot of snow in the forecast.

The images from the northern Alps are pretty dramatic and it's not the place you want to be right now. It will keep on raining up to high altitude until the end of the day.

Rain in the Arlberg
Rain in the Arlberg

A bit of sun on the Corvatsch
A bit of sun on the Corvatsch

Look at the current dramatic weather as an annoying transition to a new winter. One look at the weather maps shows that the winter is not far away. A cold front is on its way to the Alps this Sunday and is expected in the northwest of the Alps by the start of the evening.

The snow line drops rapidly towards the 600-900 meters in the night to Monday and it will snow heavily. It will also continue to snow all day on Monday and it will remain cold. It will still snow until early Tuesday morning, but the sun will come under the influence of high pressure on Tuesday. There is about 10-35 cm of snow coming down until Tuesday, locally 50 cm above 1500 meters and locally 70 cm above 2200 meters. Keep in mind that the snowfall is accompanied by a strong wind and that the avalanche danger for Monday and Tuesday will rise considerably. Therefore, check your local avalanche forecast (available on the area pages on wePowder or via and adjust your plans to it.

There is a powder alert for Monday afternoon, but especially Tuesday, for the following regions:

The wind turns to the south in the course of Tuesday and the weather becomes milder. It is the prelude of a new storm which will determine the weather on Wednesday and Thursday.

PA # 17: Wednesday and Thursday

The storm that moves towards the Alps on Tuesday evening will bring a lot of snow to the extreme northwest of the Alps on Wednesday. In particular in the Savoie the Haute Savoie, the west of Valais and the west of the Canton of Berne. You can expect a lot of snow to come down. The snowfall expands into the rest of the northwestern Alps on Thursday. The snow line will drop in the direction of 500-900 meters and the winter will be back again just like on Monday. It is expected that it will remain mostly cloudy with snowfall from time to time in the northwest of the Alps on Friday. The weather becomes milder and the snow line will rise slowly from the west.

This means that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are powder days in:

More details about PA #17 later this week!

A little milder again during the weekend of the 16th of March?

According to the latest calculations, the weekend of March 16th should be a bit milder. But with a jet stream on fire, there are some things that can change. But if the mild scenario continues, then the models calculate the colder weather with snow for the days after. The winter is certainly not over yet.

The start of March is looking good! The peak season has ended, there is a lot of snow and there is snow in the forecast. Time for some nice road trips.

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Stay stoked, Morris


  • fillejaco
    fillejaco op 11 March 2019 · 10:40
    Hi Morris! Thanks for your dedicated work that makes our skier lives and powder chasing so much easier!
    As i can understand from the latest week and the coming, the storms are rolling in on at the time, and creates good chanses for powder days, but I can also see that it brings a lot of wind (6-10 Bft or something like 13-22 m/s from sw/w/nw.
    A question, maybe a impossible one, but could you please write some recommendations for the coming period thursday-sunday (this coming weekend), with tips where to go where there's ok much powder, if north sides are needed or any face directions would work now when freezing levels have dropped (except saturday where freezing level is about 2200m), and where the wind won't affect too much on the snow qualitty and not the lease increase the avalanche risk due to wind transported snow and windpacking effect... ? 😃 That was a long question... I try to find a place with good snow but not too much wind... Thanks, and again, very happy to have your great analyzes that improves my chanses a lot for good skiing! 😃 best regards / Filip
    *message edited by fillejaco op 11 Mar 2019 10:45 (1% bewerkt)
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 11 March 2019 · 19:38
    @fillejaco thank you!

    Regarding your question(s)... my new update will be live soon, but for now:

    Thursday: tree runs in the North West will be good. Very good, almost deep winter like.
    Friday: warmer air is moving in and will push the snow levels during the day upwards to 1500 maybe even 1700 meters. Inneralpine valleys will stay cooler. Difficult day with this milder air moving in. Be aware of wet slides during the day below 2000 meters. Winds will be strong in the higher alpine

    Saturday-Sunday: mild, but plenty of fresh snow in the higher alpine. The inner alpine resorts and the resorts near the main alpine crest in the northwestern and northern alps will be really good. Because of the milder temperatures and the sun coming through you should aim for north faces.
    May the powder be with you.
  • fillejaco
    fillejaco op 11 March 2019 · 22:39
    @meteomorris - Thanks a lot for the tips! let's see what we'll find 😃


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