XION Protective Gear: the best protection on the mountain

By Arjen on 20 March 2019 · 0

What if the landing doesn't go as planned?
What if the landing doesn't go as planned?

It is March, freeride season is still going strong, but at XION Protective Gear they are already looking to the future. The new website is live, there are new Xioneers and the brand is growing in Europe!

Find your protection online

When you need a new back protector or other body protection, getting the best gear has just been made really easy. You simply place your order on Xionpg.com, which has been completely updated. Which back protector suits you best? If you go for full protection, then the Longsleeve Jacket Pro D3O is an excellent choice, but when you think that's a bit too much then the Sleeveless Vest Freeride is something you should have a look at. And if professional athletes are already stoked on the products of XION, then you know for sure that you are perfectly protected.

Freeride Xioneers

XION has quite a few ambassadors who are called 'Xioneers'. There are quite a few professional stuntmen, but also freeride and freestyle skiers, longboarders, speed flyers and base jumpers. It's clear that when stuff gets extreme they trust on XION. wePowder member [Paul de Groot] (https://xionpg.com/xioneers/paul-de-groot/) is protected by XION as well. He rides big lines with not that much margin and a small mistake can therefore have major consequences.

Xioneer Paul de Groot
Xioneer Paul de Groot

XION is growing fast

The passion and products of XION have not gone unnoticed. The brand is growing fast in the alpine countries. More and more riders from France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy are choosing XION as their form of protection. And for a reason. Visit Xionpg.com and check it out!


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