Powfinder SURFR164 Feedback

  • NicZH
    NicZH op 19 April 2019 · 14:20
    Winter comes to an end and as promised a few words to give feedback about the Powfinder SURFR164. I had the chance to ride 5 to 10 days with that board.
    First the board is very stylish and people asking where I bought it. It is cool to have a nice designed board like eating a meal with a nice presentation.
    Then the board is very light given how wide it is which gives a lot of advantages I will describe further below.
    It doesnt' take long, actually immediatly, to feel steady and comfortable riding with that board. What you notice first is how playful is the board, for sure thanks to the weight. It is then very fun to carve on the slopes if powder conditions are not great for instance.
    But then moving to the "plat de resistance" the powder skiing. The board is super responsive for carving and fast. Looks a ferrari asking you for more and more speed. The board has a very good floating above snow and you don't have this unpleasant feeling of burning back leg. In short the board is a roll royce for good powder conditions but even wet/heavy snow suits well.
    Having said that like you don't use a formula1 for driving in the city I wouldn't recommend to use that board for icy, windy and tricky condition. Probably the fact the board is light can increase the vibrations or decrease the stability in such conditions.
    In summary for the powder hunter I am this board suits perfectly either on slopes, freeriding or touring. Looking forward for more epic lines next winter!


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