Powder Quest app

  • levsturmer
    levsturmer op 12 December 2019 · 07:56

    I have accidentally removed the app from my phone. Now I am unable to install it back. It says its mot available in my country. Does anybody knows in what country this app is available?

  • Soniaco
    Soniaco op 13 December 2019 · 08:11
    Mine has disappeared from my phone, I for sure didn't uninstall it. Looks like it no longer exists. I would also really like it back, it was super useful!
  • Soniaco
    Soniaco op 13 December 2019 · 08:28
    In the meantime, I added the landing page link to my phone home screen. (did it through Chrome on Android phone)
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  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 13 December 2019 · 10:44
    @levsturmer @Soniaco
    Salomon decided to discontinue the app. Sorry about that.
    May the powder be with you.
  • E-adrien
    E-adrien op 16 December 2019 · 23:57
    Best app I’ve seen out there..
    Why would they discontinue it ??

    Is there any similar app available ?
  • infinitus
    infinitus op 22 December 2019 · 13:55
    Must have been hard for Salomon to give notice to the users that they abandon their app......
  • oshriabutbul
    oshriabutbul op 9 January 2020 · 15:36
    Was a useful one indeed, too bad it’s discontinued
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  • tomᚊo
    tomᚊo op 13 January 2020 · 14:10
    Do you have any good similar app instead of powder quest, guys? What are you using?
  • najlos
    najlos op 13 January 2020 · 15:19
    Is there any chance someone could ask Salomon to opensource the app so the community can continue using and developing it?
  • Soulo
    Soulo op 13 January 2020 · 18:51
    I've never had the official version of the app, so I don't know about the functionalities it had. Anyway for Android users here's the most recent apk (4.1.5 2017), I think it still syncs with wepowder properly:


    I imagine there must be a .ipa for jailbroken iPhones as well.
  • tomᚊo
    tomᚊo op 15 January 2020 · 08:25
    Do you know which API or database it uses?
    I can make a web frontend or mobile app if I have data.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 15 January 2020 · 09:39
    hi guys, thank you for thinking how to solve the current problem.
    The app is using an old API of ours which isn't up to date anymore.
    We are using a new algorithm for our weather data, but we don't have an API yet built for this data.
    May the powder be with you.
  • tomᚊo
    tomᚊo op 15 January 2020 · 12:48
    meteomorris: let me know if you want to help with some app if you have public API 😉


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