Full movie: Dapter

By Arjen on 18 December 2019 · 0

Three Dutch guys traveled to Haines (Alaska) in April 2019. They have been exploring the nearby mountain ranges with the aim to find some typical Alaskan spine descents. They faced some serious challenges with regards to getting up the mountains and finding the right weather windows to go out and ride. There was a constant battle in adapting to the Alaskan variables that they faced during those two weeks. It has all been created by just the three Dutch guys Sebastiaan Vreeken, Paul de Groot and Loïc Isliker. The talented 21year old Loïc is also responsible for the biggest part of the filming and editing.


  • Filmed & edited by: Loic Isliker
  • Producer: Paul de Groot
  • Co-producer: Sebastiaan Vreeken


  • Skiers: Loic Isliker & Paul de Groot
  • Snowboarder: Sebastiaan Vreeken

Supported by

  • Cloud9 Travel
  • Petzl
  • Salomon Freeski


  • Haines, Alaska


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