Avalanche likelihood on red runs

  • chrissolarski
    chrissolarski op 25 March 2020 路 20:31
    Hi All,

    I was planning on hiking a resort near Zurich to go freeriding but read the thoughtful post warning against overloading the health system should I have an accident during the corona virus epidemic. So I鈥檒l keep myself busy another way. 馃檨

    I nonetheless have a lingering question that I鈥檇 love to have answered for next season should snowfall come early: do avalanches ever occur on slopes below 30 degrees? I ask because my local mountain is Hoch-Ybrig, which only has red and blue runs that, to my understanding, shouldn鈥檛 exceed 24 degrees. So, for example, if there鈥檚 been heavy snowfall in early December but the resort is closed and the pistes unmaintained, are avalanche conditions unlikely or can the snow still slip?

    I鈥檒l dedineifly do a snow safety course ASAP but this is something I鈥檝e been wondering about for some time.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Vinnie
    Vinnie op 26 March 2020 路 14:00
    here is some helpful info:


    <30 degrees slides are possible (low angle anomaly) in slabavalanches but very unlikely.
    in Gleitschnee avalanches can occur >20% , but they are more slowmoving and les likely in november / december

    Sharing Secrets, Sharing freedom!
  • chrissolarski
    chrissolarski op 30 March 2020 路 11:10
    Awesome, thanks so much Vinnie! Great article.

    By the way, I hiked at Hoch-Ybrig on Saturday and, although every internet reference that I've looked up states that red runs don't exceed 30 degrees, I found that some of the slopes did, in fact. Good to know.
  • Vinnie
    Vinnie op 30 March 2020 路 17:25
    @chrissolarski good to see you are doing your homework.

    it's always the best the take a course, forget to mention that in my previous post!
    Sharing Secrets, Sharing freedom!
  • chrissolarski
    chrissolarski op 31 March 2020 路 10:19
    Oh, for sure, but thanks for the reminder. 馃槉I've already found a team that teaches avalanche safety in the Interlaken area and will sign-up at the first opportunity (likely at the beginning of next season). Thanks again Vinnie!
  • Frats
    Frats op 31 March 2020 路 21:00
    ^^what was mentioned above 馃槂
    under 30 can happen but is rare. However steeper sections above a 30掳 slope can slide and continue into the mellower terrain below

    You can always read the daily avalanche bulletins as well. It's a good habit and will tell you what kind of avalanche dangers are most prominent. Even without a lot of skills you can get a pretty good idea of what you can expect.
  • chrissolarski
    chrissolarski op 8 April 2020 路 16:06
    Very much appreciated Frats! I've started referring to this webpage for avalanche information for Switzerland: https://www.slf.ch/en/avalanche-bulletin-and-snow-situation.html#avala...

    Thanks again,


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